Red Cross Representatives will visit Hussein. What will they say?


Representative of the International Red Cross and Crescent Muin Kasis said that his organization is going to visit Saddam Hussein who recently has been announced the prisoner of war.

As POW Hussein is under the jurisdiction of the Geneva Convention, and therefore Americans are required to provide the Red Cross with the opportunity to visit him.


From the moment of arresting Saddam Hussein (which took place near Tikrit on December 13, according to the official version) the world community was puzzled what Americans would decide on ex-dictator's future and what legal status they would give him.

Washington kept silent except for declaring that Hussein would be treated as if he was POW, that is according to the Geneva convention. However, reporters noted that the US has already broken this convention by TV broadcasting physical examination of Saddam. According to the Geneva convention, POWS may not be humiliated and shown in public.

The second possible option the US command had, was declaring Saddam Hussein not POW, but "captured enemy militant". This term was invented by George Bush's Administration for members of Taliban and Al Quaeda.  Nobody in the world recognizes such a status, but nevertheless all the mercenaries captured by
Americans during the war in Afghanistan and detained in the military base in Guantanamo, have the status of the "captured enemy militants".

Contrary to the POW status, this status grants no rights. No presumption of innocence is valid for the "militants", no lawyers allowed to them, and the Geneva Convention on prisoners rights is not applied to them.

According to the Geneva Convention, POWs may be visited by the Red Cross doctors. The US will benefit from this. Examination conducted by independent Red Cross physicians will release the responsibility for the prisoner's life from Americans. If the information that Saddam has cancer is true, he may die before the legal hearing takes place. In  this case Americans will undergo squall of accusations that they have killed the former Iraqi leader, being afraid of his  angry  speeches exposing Americans during the legal hearing.

Americans have already been accused in bad treatment of prisoners. On January 5 Saddam Hussein's secretary Adel' Hamud At-Tikriti died in prison. He was considered to be the person most devoted to the ex-president of Iraq. The Al-Babbaba online Arabic newspaper wrote that At-Tikriti was tortured.





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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov