A third of Serbs against the West

Serbian elections shock Western observers. In past, a few times, it was presidential and now parliament elections.

Leading EU mass media agree that these Serbian elections is the most important event in the country since 2000. 59% citizens came to vote. Results: the majority in the parliament (82 of 250 places) will belong to Serbian Radical Party (SRP) with its 27.7% votes. It’s leader Vojislav Seselj is soon to stand before the World Tribunal in Hague (he surrendered himself before, wishing to publicly stand for his innocence).    

SRP acting chief Tomislaw Nikolic raised a toast for all Serbs captured in Hague. “We have received as many places as we wanted. Now everyone who wish to change the Constitution, can forget that”, he claimed.

The party calls people to “get rid of reformist betrayers”, appeals to national Serbian spirit and pride, using pathetical rhetoric in opposition to pro-western politicians. It seems like more and more Serbs favour this approach.

It is to be noted that the second place at the elections went to Democratic Party of Serbia (DPS), headed by “mild nationalist” Kostunica (53 places, 18%). The ruling Democratic Party (DP) faithful to deceased Zinzic gathered only 12.6% resulting in 37 places. Kostunica said before the elections that his coalition with DP is impossible; and negotiations of alliances will start soon.

Finally, Milosevic's Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) received around 7.4% voices, so Milosevic (a number one in the party’s lists) can formally become a depute.

EU officials in Belgrade are disappointed and discouraged, stating surprise of “clear rightist sympathies of the electorate”.

And really, it could not be clearer. Twice during the past year Serbs elected anarchy, ignoring elections and candidates from “democratic parties” (four times presidential elections were not legally approved due to mass boycott). For one year a state formation called Serbia and Chernogoria functions without president. Moreover, in the last presidential election attempt 47% of those who voted gave their preference to the same Tomislaw Nikolic.

International society preferred not to see it that time, but now it can not.

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov