Iraqi WMD mystery: a new version

British authorities have had Christmas enlightenment: the reason behind mysterious disappearance of Iraqi WMD is that Saddam Hussein was fooled by his own officials. And he subsequently fooled Washington and London. The latter two did not have any other choice but to start war.

The Guardian published this fresh version today. The theory says that Saddam Hussein and top authorities were misguided by mid-level officials and scientists, who worked on WMD. The former Iraqi leader was certain he had such weapons, but in fact in was either destroyed or malfunctioning. But he wasn’t told this out of fear of punishment.

British investigation service MI-6 became a victim of disinformation in its turn, as its informers were top Iraqi officials, who had wrong data themselves. And then the Britons passed this wrong info to Americans. What happened afterwards we all know.

The Guardian note this version is confidential and revolves in governmental circles only. It might be on “trial” before being released to the public. But it’s doubtful, as the version is not really credible.

Frankly speaking, neither London nor Washington should not have attracted public attention to the WMD topic once again. There’s no really justified explanation on this problem around, and constant attention to the question may shatter ratings of both Bush and Blair, that have been rising after Hussein’s capture.

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov