Author`s name Pavel Morozov

"Iraqi people are cattle!"

If George W. Bush is to maintain his rating, he must not mention “weapons of mass destruction”, “Iraq” and “losses”. Euphoria of Saddam’s arrest will pass away very soon, but the problems of Iraq will not.

So now, Saddam Hussein is arrested. It happened on the Saturday night in Tikrit. American soldiers found Saddam in a narrow cellar of 6-8 feet in depth during an operation. As the head of American troops in Iraq, general Ricardo Sanchez says, Saddam was “captures alive, without resistance, no one was injured during the operation”. Later came information that the troops used sleeping gas and run into peacefully sleeping dictator. The general was accurate and informed that Saddam had a handgun, two grenades and US$750,000.

Operation details are not being released yet and likely to never be. It is clear that Saddam was framed up by someone from his close aides, just like it was with his sons. General Ray Odierno says that during last few days Americans interviewed several families “close to Saddam”, and “gathered the needed information from one of those people”.

It is not known where Saddam Hussein is now. There were rumors he is being held at the airport in Baghdad, then that he was delivered to a ship in Persian gulf, and “Al-Arabia” television says he is already at a base in Qatar.

A few members of Governing Council of Iraq visited Saddam. They say he looked tired, but behaved haughty and defiantly. When he was told ordinary Iraqis celebrate his arrest, he called his former people “crowd” and “cattle”. At least this is what the Council members report.

According to American investigators, the first interrogation gave zero result. When he was asked about weapons of mass destruction (the official reason for the war on Iraq), he replied his country never possessed such, and “The USA thought it up themselves to find a reason to wage the war on us”.

Internationally, fully approving reaction to the arrest was surprisingly uniform. American allies proclaim “a breakpoint in Iraqi campaign”, countries opposed the war hope for stabilization. Mr. Schreder gave Bush a call, hailing the arrest. Only Palestinians seem to genuinely pity this, what is unsurprising bearing in mind all material and moral help they used to receive from Saddam.

George Bush after the Hussein’s arrest decided to speak to the nation. He said nothing new to Americans though. He said the capture of the dictator “signifies the end of dark and painful epoch” for Iraq, but doesn’t meant end of violence in the country. Leaders of Iraqi resistance movement have told before that one should not overestimate Saddam’s role in it. Inspite of the letter from some “leader of Baghdad resistance” found on Hussein, this does not prove he headed the guerrilla war.

And George W. Bush now is having fun again. He will definitely be in great mood on Christmas, unless something outstandingly terrible would happen. His rating is likely to reach the sky now. The other question is that this might be a short flight only, despite the propaganda machine working to full now.

No one, including Bush believes that guerrilla war will be over. Today already there were some new explosions. And this means the coalition soldiers die.

Also, the reasons for the war are still not justified. It is unlikely that Saddam is the only one to know where weapon of mass destruction is kept. And up till now neither his aides nor scientists gave any information on that. If there was something like that at all, Americans would have found it long ago. Hussein certainly can tell more on this, but it might be not what the US wants to hear. So if Bush is to maintain his rating, he must not mention “weapons of mass destruction”, “Iraq” and “losses”. Euphoria of Saddam’s arrest will pass away very soon, but the problems of Iraq will not.

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