Bush's rating is rapidly decreasing

A recent study conducted by Gallup, has indicated that most Americans consider Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy to be America's best Presidents of all times.  Both of them received 17% of votes. Lincoln is famous for his emancipation proclamation which put an end to slavery and for winning war between North and South. Kennedy started a war in Vietnam followed by a whole range of important reforms. Both of them have been victims of assassinations.

Ronald Ragan is third according to the study. He received 13% of votes. Ragan's is mainly famous for his uncompromised battle with USSR, his "Star Wars" and "Raganomics."  Fifth place is proudly occupied by Bill Clinton who managed to increase country's economic developments as well as successfully handle war in Yugoslavia. Clinton has surpassed America's first President—George Washington with only 7%.
America's current leader George Bush Jr. received only 3% of votes. He shares 7-11 positions with other presidents. Interestingly, but according to the same poll conducted in May of 2003, Bush has managed to get 11%of votes. Back then he shared his rank with Bill Clinton.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov