A Holy gay has quarreled two peaceful churches

"The Church may not approve perversions of the human nature, which was created by God himself", says the document from the external relations department of the Moscow Patriarchate. Russian Orthodox Church voiced this rough reaction in response consecration of an open homosexual Gene Robinson as Episcopal Bishop.

This topic has been long discussed in the religious circles, and found both opponents and proponents. The head of the Anglican (Episcopal) Church of the USA, Presiding Bishop Episcope Frank Griswold said the discussion of homosexuality will not lead to a split in church.

It has to be said there were not too many people supporting the homosexual episcope. George Bush said his word too. Famous for his strong Christian believes (not too long ago he criticized abortion heavily), he also was very disapproving to homosexual marriages: "A marriage is between a man and a woman, and we have to codify it in some way".

However, the event lead to major scandal between Christian churches. Russian Orthodox Church has made a special comment to this, parts of which we present below:

Homosexual relationships were always classified by Christian Church as a grave sin.

There exist clear and undisputable biblical truths which prohibit such relationships to a Christian: "Do not lay with a man, like with a woman: this is abominable", "If someone would lie with a man like with woman, then they both sinned: so they will be sentenced to death" (Levit 18:22; 20:13) Apostle Paul is totally certain about "shameful passions" of people, which "exchanged God's truth for lies" 

The Biblical texts with condemnation of homosexuality are clear in meaning. They have formulated Christian morals and brought up many generations.

We see a big danger for the modern man in the processes happening in the American Episcopal Church and some other Christian circles of the West. People become accustomed slowly to take homosexuality not as a perverted, but just a form of "love", which is blessed by the Church.

The consecration of a homosexual bishop make impossible any relationships with him or the people who supported this.

Because of the situation, Russian Orthodox Church has to stop its relationships with Episcopal Church of the USA.

This is not the first case of the kind. Some time ago Anglican Church of the Great Britain faced a similar problem. In the end, a homosexual Geoffrey John declined his dignity of Episcopal Bishop when conservative priests threatened to leave.  

This time, the situation reaches acme. Only time can tell which other hidden problems will also be raised.

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov