Massive Movement of American Warplanes Takes Place in Scotland

The US is probably preparing another victorious war

Several days ago, a Western website published a news message which said that the US could probably launch another short and victorious war. The message specified the place where the military operation would probably happen. Below is the text of the message:

"Since Saturday, people in the Highlands of Scotland have been witnessing large movements of US warplanes overhead. Experienced observers say the large numbers are reminiscent of those that preceded the bombing of Iraq in 1998 and military strikes on Libya in the1980's as well as the first Gulf War.

"At the weekend warplanes were flying over at a rate of roughly one every 15 minutes. As well as watching them from the ground the plane spotters have also been able to overhear pilots talking by listening to their radio frequencies.

"At this rate some 288 warplanes would have passed over Scotland in three days. It is thought that the planes have flown on a route from the US over the North Pole to bases in Europe and the Mediterranean. The size and scale of the movement suggests that the US may be preparing to strike at a country in the Middle East in the next week to ten days."

At the end of the message the author presumes that it might be either Syria or Iran. The author asks readers to "pass the information on as widely as possible," because it may prevent air strikes.

The author of the message does not have a special piety to the US: he calls the USA the "empire," for example. Taking into consideration the emotional side of the message, one may treat it skeptically. Furthermore, the term "warplanes" is rather broad. It is not clear from the text, whether it goes about fighter planes, bombers, troop-carriers or all of them altogether.

On the other hand, one should keep such messages in mind especially against the background of events that have been happening for several decades. Everything is possible at any moment - people have become accustomed to it. Finally, it would be stupid to expect a message about a massive movement of warplanes on the official website of the Pentagon.

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Author`s name Olga Savka