Blatant lies of the West keep Bashar Assad in power for four years

The West was trying to eat Syria from inside, but broke its teeth

Bashar al-Assad has been re-elected as President of Syria for the fourth time already. He has received more than 95 percent of votes. Bashar al-Assad is a legitimately and democratically elected President, in contrast to the President of the United States. Pravda.Ru editor-in-chief Inna Novikova talked about the recent presidential election in Syria to Israeli statesman and public figure, diplomat, head of the Nativ special service in 1992-1999 Yakov Kedmi.

"Now that Bashar Assad has won the election for the fourth time, one shall acknowledge that he enjoys the support of the whole country despite the fact that there were tens of other candidates participating in the election. 

Of course, the USA and European countries recognized the Syrian election illegitimate and declare that the election process in Syria did not allegedly meet the requirements of a certain UN Security Council resolution. Nevertheless, after such overwhelming popular support, is the Syrian crisis going to take a turn for the better or is it going to continue just as before?" 

"In general, I am not very enthusiastic about the figures of the victory of the ruling leader in his country in the Middle East. In the Middle East, such numbers are common, although they do speak of the power efficiency. 

"Quite objectively, and everyone knows that, the real politician and real political power in Syria today is in the hands of only Bashar al-Assad and no one else. There is not a single political force on the territory of Syria at all. Even the Americans admitted this in conversations with Russian representatives.

"There is no real political force in Syria, let alone a democratic one. There are no democratic forces in Syria, and there will never be any.

"There are vestiges of ISIS*, the Muslim Brotherhood* and Hamas* that were trying to pretend to be such political forces. Yet the United States is trying to bring the required forces to power so that Washington could control and manipulate them.  

"If someone is light-minded enough to ascribe democratic sentiments to Assad's former generals, then they do need to have their heads examined. If someone believes them, hoping that this is true to fact, then I feel very sorry for them.

"It does not matter really whether the West recognises this or that election or not. Do they in the West consider the Russian president legitimate? Do they consider the existence of Russia to be legitimate? Do they consider Russia's borders to be legitimate? - Not.

"They don't have the guts to say that out loud in public. As a matter of fact, the West does not recognise the legitimacy of Russia, its power system and its structure, its borders and history - nothing.

"Nevertheless, Russia is a powerful nation, and Western officials are forced not to talk about it openly. When they perform their official duties, they do not talk about it diplomatically, but when they stop fulfilling their duties, they do not hesitate to say what they think about it.

"Western officials openly call for revolutions and take action for them to happen in different countries. 

"As for the presidential election in Syria, I think that it was a much more fair and democratic election in comparison with the latest presidential election in the United States. A half of US citizens do not recognize the results of their own elections. At the same time, the American authorities have the effrontery to demonise Syria. 

"Everyone has admitted that changing power in Syria is impossible. He has asserted his power. All attempts to dismember Syria into several smaller states have failed. If Syria returns to the Arab League this year, it will be the hardest slap in the face to all those who today claim that Bashar al-Assad is illegitimate."

*terrorist organizations, banned in Russia

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Author`s name Inna Novikova
Editor Dmitry Sudakov
Topics syria