Is Germany happy about Ukrainian fascism?

Germany seems to like 'good fascists' of Ukraine

German ambassador to Ukraine reprimanded Ukrainian "volunteers" a little for being "associated" with Nazi SS troops. In a nutshell, the ambassador allowed to kill Russians.

German Ambassador calls Ukrainian Nazis 'volunteers'

Neo-Nazis marched along the streets of Kiev on April 28, for the first time since the Great Patriotic War. The march was arranged to mark the day of the creation of the SS Galicia Division.

Commenting on the event, Anka Feldhusen, German Ambassador to Ukraine, said that Ukraine's "volunteer organizations" should not be associated with the SS in the world.

"Waffen SS units took part in serious war crimes and the Holocaust during World War II. No volunteer organizations that are fighting and working in Ukraine today should be associated with them,” she wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the march, paid for by the Kiev City Administration ended with a photoshoot against the background of a poster with Nazi soldiers.

SS troops recognized as criminal organizations

The Nuremberg Tribunal found the SS paramilitary troops criminal. The SS Galicia Division was founded on April 28, 1943 in Lvov. It was the largest of all foreign SS volunteer formations that performed punitive functions, slaughtering and burning entire villages. The division was defeated in the very first battle with the regular units of the Red Army in the summer of 1944, near the town of Brody.

However, the ideology based on ethnic hatred for "Russkies, Poles and Jews" was preserved in Galicia. The sitting Kiev authorities made it the basis of the anti-Russian project. In a nutshell, the purport of existence of modern-day Ukraine is inspired by war criminals of the Nuremberg trial.

How can Russian President Vladimir Putin even think of meeting anyone in Ukraine?

Alexander Kamkin, a leading researcher at the Center for German Studies at the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told Pravda. Ru that the remarks from the German ambassador, which, as the expert said, contained a condemnation of neo-Nazism, should lead to certain actions.

"It is very regrettable that German politicians and diplomats did not condemn the wave of neo-Nazism in Ukraine in 2013-2014. Better late than never.

Indeed, Ukraine's driving force during the last revolution was based on neo-Nazi organizations, be it the Svoboda Party*, the Right Sector* and others, which took the ideology of National Socialism as their call for action. The remarks that the German ambassador said were long wished for. I hope that some real action will follow," Alexander Kamkin told Pravda. Ru.

However, we would like to point it out here that the ambassador did not condemn the Ukrainian "volunteers." She seemed to have called them "good fascists." According to her, "good Ukrainian fascists" should not be associated with the SS, and they are free to kill the Russians if they want to. Ambassador Feldhusen should be very well aware of the ideology of those "volunteers" — she could probably see their behaviour during the march.

*Terrorist organizations, banned in Russia

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko