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Does Russia Infringe Upon Ukraine's Interests?

Does construction of a Russian dam infringe upon Ukraine's sovereignty?
Ukraine's Supreme Rada Chairman Vladimir Litvin calls upon deputies of the Ukrainian parliament to react to the construction of a Russian dam on the Kerch Strait. Vladimir Litvin states he negotiated the issue with RF State Duma Speaker Gennady Seleznev, but has not received any commentary on the discussion of the issue from Russian deputies.


The chairman of the Supreme Rada may assume that because of preoccupation with the pre-election campaign, Russian deputies have not looked into some very important issue impacting Russian territory. However, Vladimir Litvin insists that events infringing upon Ukraine's national interests cannot be disregarded. He strongly criticized Ukrainian authorities for the inertness with respect to this particular situation. The Rada speaker thinks that Ukraine once again is suffering from the syndrome of not wishing to offend its Russian neighbor. 

Vladimir Litvin added it was decided on Tuesday that deputies would consider information provided by different departments and release a statement on the results of the consultations. Additionally, the speaker urged deputies to develop a unified draft proposal with a view to guarantee support of the document in the Rada, reports.

However, Vladimir Litvin states that it is not ruled out that several drafts might be suggested and none would be adopted; this is why Vladimir Litvin asked the deputies to work out a unified draft. Otherwise, he says, it makes no sense to consider one at all. The Rada speaker hopes the conflict will be settled without participation of the third parties.