Russian Peacemakers in Iraq?

The USA would like to make Russia dispatch military men to Iraq

As it is known, Russian President Vladimir Putin is to visit the USA in September. There are no doubts, the situation in Iraq will be one of the most important subject of negotiations. The White House is not trying to conceal it. Apparently, Iraq will enjoy a lot more attention in comparison with other issues. The American administration is reportedly going to probe an opportunity of Russia's more active participation in the economic reconstruction of Iraq.

ITAR-TASS news agency reported, American officials told reporters in Washington, the coming negotiations in September would be carried out on the base of the mentioned point of view. In addition, American official started talking about an opportunity to attract international peacemaking forces to Iraq under the UN's aegis. Washington still hopes for Pakistan and India a lot in this respect. Moreover, Turkey might be involved in the operation too, although Iraqis (who are being loyal to the occupation administration) have already promised big problems to Turkish peacemakers.

Russia's stance regarding Russian peacemakers in Iraq is gradually changing. Both the president and the foreign ministry, the defense ministry absolutely rejected such an opportunity after army actions were over in Iraq. However, the point of view has changed to a certain extent in several months. In July, spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Yakovenko stated, the ministry did not exclude an opportunity for the Russian peacemaking force to be present in Iraq. That question was perceived hypothetically, though. Yakovenko added, a new resolution of the UN Security Council was needed to dispatch Russian military men to Iraq. Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said, a new resolution on Iraq was necessary to expand a lot of countries' opportunities to regulate the crisis.

After the act of terrorism in Baghdad, when the UN mission building was exploded, the UN's perspectives in Iraq are very vague. Yet, the American administration continues showing pressure on the UN. It is an open secret: Washington and its allies cannot cope with the reconstruction of Iraq, brushing aside an opportunity to increase the American contingent there. This seems to be an extreme measure for the USA, until there is a hope to have foreign peacemakers involved.

The American administration might promise Russia contracts for the recreation of the Iraqi economy and so on. Probably, such promises will be based on something more convincing than just a promise to consider an issue in the future. Is Russia ready to revise its stance about Iraq, though? Multi-million-dollar contracts are very attractive, of course, but on the other hand, Moscow is taking a risk to lose the influence in the Arab world (in the Islamic world on the whole). For the time being, the profits of cooperation with the USA on the Iraqi issue are not evident at all.

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Author`s name Olga Savka