USA and North Korea Fail to Compromise

No choice has been left for North Korea, but to test an A-bomb

The six-sided negotiations in the Chinese capital have ended ahead of the scheduled time. The North Korean delegation, headed by N.Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Kim Yong Il, left the hall without any explanations. In fact, there were no explanations needed. It was clear from the very beginning, there were no big hopes to regulate the crisis with the help of those negotiations.

North Korea and the USA - the two major antagonists - have not suggested anything new to each other during the three days of the talks. Other countries' delegations - Chinese, Russian, South Korean and Japanese ones - failed to convince American and North Korean officials to make mutual concessions. One may only hope, negotiations would resume, although nobody knows yet, when it is going to happen.

North Korea put forward its own variant to settle the crisis, which had been virtually initiated by the country. The plan includes four points: 
- Pyongyang offers the USA to resume fuel deliveries and to considerably expand the food help. In return, North Korea will officially announce its refusal to work on the nuclear program;
- To sign the no aggression treaty with the USA. Pyongyang will also set out its readiness to accept foreign inspections to examine the N.Korean nuclear infrastructure. North Korea will also suspend the use of radioactive materials after the energetic losses from the cessation of nuclear power plants usage are compensated;
- To establish diplomatic relations between North Korea on one part and the USA and Japan on the other part. Looking for another compromising decision regarding ballistic missiles of the North Korean army was also suggested; 
- North Korea is ready to liquidate its nuclear facilities, if militarily safe light water reactors are provided for the country's energetic needs. 

American officials rejected the plan at once. Judging upon Washington's and Pyongyang's positions, it is easy to see, neither the USA nor North Korea suggested anything new to each other. N.Korean plan to regulate the crisis is based on the requirements, which have been announced by Pyongyang before. It was already clear, the USA would never agree to meet N.Korean requirements, because it would imply a very serious concession to Kim Jong-Il. It is absolutely out of the question for the USA to succumb to the blackmail under current conditions. It would mean that a small state with the hungry population forced the world's superpower to its knees. It would also be a very serious blow for the incumbent administration, which does not tend to make flexible decisions - the US administration's policy would definitely suffer a great damage, taking into consideration the fact that the policy does not imply any compromises with "axis of evil" countries.

In general, the only result of the talks in Beijing is as follows: the talks are possible to take place. The USA and North Korea have exercised their good will, so to speak, albeit it was not a convincing exercise. One shall expect something new to follow soon. North Korean officials, for example, have already stated, the USA had not left any other choice for them, but to test an A-bomb in the nearest future.

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Author`s name Olga Savka