American Administration To Overthrow Iranian Regime

Actions of protest have been going on for several days in Iran

Anti-governmental demonstrations have been going on for six days in Iran. Actions of protest were originally arranged by Tehran University students, who called upon overthrowing religious leaders. Students also harshly criticized Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, the Iranian Gorbachev, as Western reporters call him. Protesters accuse the president of running reforms in a very slow and inconsistent way. Most likely, riots in Iran's capital will not bring any positive results - for the territory of the Tehran University has been condoned off by the police.

It goes without saying that American President George W. Bush did not miss such an event. Bush welcomed Iranian students' protests: "This is the beginning of people expressing themselves toward a free Iran which I think is positive," Bush said. Yet, the Iranian Foreign Ministry accused the USA of interfering into Iran's internal affairs. Spokesmen for the ministry said that the USA ignores millions of people, who support the country's leadership, passing sporadic protests off as the voice of the nation. Moreover, spokesmen of the Iranian opposition also criticized the American administration, claiming that such statements would be for the benefit of the present regime, helping it struggle with dissidents.

Former Prince of Iran Reza Pahlavi predicted in the beginning of June that protests would start in Iran, although the prince was a little wrong in the date of his prediction. He said that the "revolution" would start in Iran in July. Pahlavi said the Iranian army was not happy with ayatollahs' regime either. It is hard to say, if that affirmation is true or not. Nevertheless, the army's support is a serious argument in the political life of Islamic countries. On the other hand, one should be very careful when judging about the extent of the public dissatisfaction in Iran, for coincidences are too obvious. American media reported at the end of May that the US administration was preparing certain extreme measures about Iran, paying a lot of attention to the preparation of a people's revolt. However, White House officials later rejected that information. US National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice announced soon after that that Washington would like to see a democratically elected government in Iran. Actions of protest took place in Iran a week or two later.

In fact, it would be the best variant for Washington, because an army operation is too risky. Furthermore, one may not say that the US Army controls the situation in Iraq completely. Probably, we are currently witnessing the start of Washington's campaign to overthrow the ruling regime in Iran. There are too many problems in Iran indeed, as well as the people, who are not happy with the present situation, although it is not known, which percentage they make in the whole population on Iran.

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Author`s name Olga Savka