USA Lays Iraqi Burden on Other Countries

The American administration does not want its soldiers to die in Iraq, foreign peacemakers can be a good way out

A lot of countries of the world are currently facing a rather important question regarding the USA's suggestion to dispatch peacemakers to Iraq. Russia, France, Germany and China have already given a negative answer to this suggestion, whereas Hungary, for example, is withdrawing its peacemakers from Afghanistan to dispatch them to Iraq. Former Soviet republics - Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan - have announced their support for the USA, hoping to receive new loans and to earn America's gratitude. In addition to mentioned countries, Pakistan is also ready to act in Iraq under the American banner. The republic of Uzbekistan has specified, though, that only Uzbek engineers, builders and doctors, but no soldiers would go to Iraq. This was officially said by Uzbek President Islam Karimov at the 11th session of the republic's parliament.

Apparently, on account of the growing tension in the USA, the American administration entrusted the US defense secretary with executing new goals: peacemakers from 41 countries of the world are supposed to substitute American troops in Iraq. Washington is determined to withdraw its forces from Iraq. About 125,000 American infantrymen are currently staying in Iraq. US forces suffer losses on daily basis on account of attacks. American media continue reminding the Bush's administration that American military men's presence in Afghanistan and Iraq shows a very negative influence on the morale of the US Army.

George W. Bush was not happy with Russia's and France's responses regarding the issue, but it did not stop him from moving further on. A delegation of American high-ranking officials is to visit India in the nearest future. The Indian prime minister has recently visited the USA to discuss the relations between India and Pakistan. The question of the Indian peacemaking troops in Iraq was discussed at the meeting with the American president. When the Indian prime minister expressed his disagreement about the issue, it was decided that an American delegation would visit India to discuss it the problem. International experts believe that such a decision is not acceptable for India, for it has been running the non-alignment policy for decades already. In addition to it, the Indian parliament has passed a resolution, which denounces USA's actions in Iraq.

Of course, the UN has called upon the international community to render assistance in the restoration of Iraq. Yet, the UN has also stepped aside from forming international forces to maintain law and order in Iraq. In addition to it, international forces in Iraq will be commanded by the USA. George W. Bush wants to lay the burden on other countries, saying that one should retrieve normal life in Iraq. The American administration does not want US soldiers to die in armed clashes with malcontent Iraqi groups, so peacemakers from other countries could be a good way out of the situation, as American officials believe.

Donald Rumsfeld has been visiting one country after another lately, trying to make local government support the USA's suggestion. It is too early to say, what Rumsfeld's efforts might lead to in the end, but it is already clear that the USA is simply laying the burden of law and order in Iraq on other countries in order to ease the tension and cheer up American soldiers.

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Author`s name Olga Savka