USA To Deploy Its Army Closer to Russian Borders

It is rumored that an American army base may appear even in Vietnam
Hardly had the G8 summit ended in Evian when another important event in international politics impended. The heads of foreign policy departments of the Russia-NATO council are to hold a meeting in Madrid. The meeting will be even more pressing against the background of the USA's intention to perform the most massive redeployment of its troops since WWII. More importantly, a very large part of American troops is going to be deployed closer to Russian borders. In fact, this is not a sensational piece of news. Before the military operation was launched in Iraq, it was known that the White House and the Pentagon were going to abolish some of their bases in Western Europe. According to an official point of view, Washington is going to deploy its troops to Poland, Romania and Bulgaria in order to be closer to the Middle East region. Yet, there is also an unofficial point of view, which says that the American administration wants to get even with obstinate European allies who protested against the Iraqi war. One way or another, the American presence in Eastern Europe is going to increase considerably in the nearest future - that's a fact.

In addition, redeployment is planned in the Far East region as well. The US administration plans to increase its military presence in the countries of South-East Asia. It is rumored that an American army base may appear even in Vietnam. Will it be stationed in Cam Ranh, where Russia used to have its base? The point of this redeployment is opposition to Islamic extremism and a possible aggravation of the situation with China in the future.

In fact, the USA's activity in the Far East does not pose a direct threat to Russia's interests, at least so far. However, the fact of the American military presence in the countries of East Europe violates basic principles of the agreement between Russia and NATO. Will it be possible to talk about the development of new relations between the alliance and Russia? Furthermore, Russia's close neighbors - Ukraine and Georgia - have repeatedly expressed their wish to join NATO, not to mention the Baltic republics, which have already become alliance members. However, the situation with Georgia and Ukraine is rather vague at present, but one can speed up the process, if need be.

Some experts believe that the Caucasus, for example, has already obtained a relevant strategic significance on account of its relatively close location to the Middle East region.  If US-Russian relations worsen, Russia will most likely be represented as a source of instability in the region. One may only guess, which consequences it might lead to in the future.

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Author`s name Olga Savka