Hitchcock's Nightmare in Hamburg

Strange, but several attacks of crows at people have been registered there
That was not the only instance of crows attacking people that was registered in the city of Hamburg. A tragedy resembling Alfred Hitchcock's movie "The Birds" broke out in Hamburg on May 26. Two women walking in the area of Wandsbek were attacked by birds. Like in the famous thrilled by Alfred Hitchcock, the birds seized the women by the hair and started pecking them in the heads.
When the women finally managed to frighten the crows away, they had to call police; policemen in their turn sent for a fire brigade. When firemen got to the accident site, the crows attacked the fire extinguishing brigade as well. The heads of firemen were protected with helmets, that is why the birds couldn't cause serious injuries to the men. The hooligan birds were sent to a zoo to avoid similar attacks in the future.
This weekend about 20 crows attacked a 24-year-old girl walking her dog in a city park. The girl managed to fight the birds off and called police. When policemen came to the park, the birds were peacefully sitting on a tree. But when the woman approached the tree, the birds attacked her with loud croaking. It is still a mystery for policemen why the birds attacked the girl, but ignored policemen and a police dog standing by her side. After a repeated attack of the birds, the policemen brought the girl home.
A week before this accident, policemen had to rescue two passers-by from attacks of raging crows in the same place, in Hamburg. To all appearances, the birds were raging because of a nestling that fell out of a nest and died. As soon as the dead nestling was taken away, the crows calmed down.
Attacks of crows at people have become regular. A couple of years ago, school-children from Barmbeker were attacked by a crow flock, although there was no visible reason for the birds to attack. Lorenz Wehrmann from the Hamburg Ecological Service says that attacks of this kind are probably committed by young birds that have neither couples nor nestlings. They are idling about as they have no territory of their own or nestlings to hatch.  That is why such birds occupy trees and look for an object for attacking.


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Author`s name Michael Simpson