Americans Torture Iraqi POWs with Metallica Songs

This torture proves to be actually very effective: 24 hours are quite enough to make Iraqis speak
American jailers in Iraq invented a new variant of psychological attack. Captive fellows of Saddam Hussein are forced to listen to heavy metal and cartoon film music. One serviceman says the measure is effective.

Sergeant Marc Hudsell explains, with a view to break down the resistance of the national population and to create continuous tension, US military use loud aggressive music which is humiliating for the local cultural tradition.

The sergeant makes Iraqis listen to the song Bodies from the film XXX where Vin Diesel plays a charismatic and daring type, and also to Enter Sandman by Metallica. He likes this music, but the situation is quite different with Iraqis. They have never listened to heavy metal, that it why cannot stand it. "If one is listening to this music day and night, one's brain and body will weaken, the soberness of mind and the will are sure to be crushed." The US military use this condition of Iraqis achieved thanks to aggressive music for interrogations.   

It is considered to be the most painful torture to make people listen to Metallica guitars together with nursery rhymes from The Sesame Street and the cartoon Barney the Dinosaur, the one enjoying such great popularity in the USA. This torture proves to be actually very effective: 24 hours are quite enough to make Iraqis speak. As Sergeant Hudsell says, he also was made listen to Barney the Dinosaur's song for 45 minutes during psychological stability tests. He says he wouldn’t like to stand the torture once again. When Newsweek journalists wanted to try the psychological effect of such music, they could stand only 5 minutes.

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Author`s name Michael Simpson