Beheaded Bronze Monument Causes Street Fights in Netherlands

Dutch nationals fought Muslim immigrants over Pim Fortuyn's bronze head

The incident between Dutch nationals and immigrants took place in Rotterdam on Thursday, when municipal authorities tried to set up a monument to rightist radical politician Pim Fortuyn, who was known for his struggle against the immigration from the countries of the third world to the Netherlands.

The newspaper Alhemeen Dahblad reported, when the 3,8 meter high bronze monument was carried in a tunnel in the center of the city, it incidentally hit the vault of the tunnel. The hit made the monument's head fall off. The truck's driver noticed what happened, picked up the severed head, parked his truck and went to ask for help.

The news about the truck with beheaded Pim was spread in minutes. A lot of immigrants from Muslim countries went to see the monument. They started throwing bottles, stones, sticks in it, chanting curses in Fortuyn's address. However, a group of Pim Fortuyn's fans, that was passing the truck by, tried to defend the defiled monument, since they supported the politicians' course.

The truck's driver stopped the fight between the Dutch nationals and immigrants. He fixed the severed bronze head back with adhesive tape and left for the place of his destination.

The cost of the bronze monument is evaluated in 50 thousand euros. The monument will be put in front of the house, where the politician lived. Pim Fortuyn was killed during parliamentary elections in May of 2002. The Dutch pronounced the date of May 6th the day in Pim Fortuyn's memory.


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Author`s name Olga Savka