Washington Started to Recall US Diplomats from Israel, Syria and Kuwait - 17 March, 2003

The US Department of State on Sunday announced the recalling of non-essential diplomats and also all members of their families from the American embassies and consulates in Israel, Syria and Kuwait.

In its official information, the Department of State explained that the recall of the diplomats by local security reasons and by the threat of military action in Iraq.

The US Department of State also insistently recommends that all citizens of the United States immediately leave Israel, the West Bank of the Jordan and Gaza Strip. Those Americans who for any reason will not be able to do it, have been recommended to get registered in the US Embassy in Tel Aviv and the Consulate in Jerusalem with the aim of receiving timely information. They have also been recommended to familiarise themselves with the methods of ensuring their own safety, worked out by the government of Israel for its population.

Apart from that, the Department of State warns of possible interruptions in commercial air traffic in case of military action in Iraq.

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