Washington Asks the World Community for Help in the Postwar Reconstruction of Iraq

The George Bush administration has addressed 65 countries through diplomatic channels asking them to render assistance in the postwar restoration of Iraq, the official spokesman for the US Department of State said as much.

According to her data, the Pentagon and the Department of State have drawn a list of concrete spheres in which Washington needs urgent assistance of other countries. Most required specialists include police officers, doctors, nurses, engineers to build bridges, roads, buildings, etc.

Referring to US Secretary of the Treasury John Snow, the newspaper Washington Post says that the next weekend the American administration intends to address the International Monetary Fund during its spring session and the World Bank for financing the projects of the restoration of Iraq.

Apart from that, John Snow and chairman of the Federal Reserve System of the USA Alan Greenspan ask the Finance Ministers of the G-7 states, who are arriving these days in Washington, also to concentrate the efforts of their countries on the Iraqi reconstruction.

In an interview with Danish television on Thursday US Secretary of State Colin Powell said that 58 countries were ready to take part, in this or that form, in the restoration of Iraq.