Tito’s Bunker in Bosnia May Help Liquidate Hussein

The US Government sent a group of specialists to Bosnia to examine an underground shelter constructed for  the president of the former Yugoslav Republic Josip Broz Tito near the city of Bugojno in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On Tuesday, ABC television broadcast in the prime time a special report on the problem; the report was based on facts provided by experts of the American government. Americans suppose that if a war begins in Iraq, Saddam Hussein may take shelter in a similar bunker designed by Yugoslavian companies, Deutsche Welle informs. At the same time, Washington isn’t quite sure that due to the beginning of the declared “war campaign” against Iraq the USA will easily liquidate Hussein who may be taking shelter in some bunkers. The Iraqi leader is urged to leave the country and “to go into exile voluntarily.” US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld declares that it would be perfectly well for everyone if Saddam Hussein “packs up and leaves the country immediately.”

Saddam Hussein sticks to a different opinion: he thinks that if he further stays with the Iraqi people, this will make happy not only him but the whole of the country as well. Baghdad mentions that UNMOVIC inspections have been carried out in Iraq for six weeks already; inspectors equipped with modern devices have already examined over 230 objects. However, they failed to discover any proofs of development of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. 

Currently, US specialists are in Bosnia. However, it seems that the notorious underground shelter of the late Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito is not the only connecting link in the triangle of Bosnia – Iraq – Washington.

So, in accordance with the latest information, the Serbian leadership in Bosnia and Herzegovina officially confessed that it had violated the embargo on armament supplies to Iraq. The President of Bosnia Serbs, Dragan Cavic said at a press-conference in Pale that Serbia’s largest aircraft works Orao had regularly supplied large batches of spare parts for war helicopters to Baghdad, Radio Jugoslavija informs. In the words of Cavic, the facts of the UN embargo violation were discovered only “due to the cooperation between the government of the republic and representatives of the US State Department.” The president of Bosnia Serbs added that all contracts of Orao were fulfilled under the former leader of the republic Biljana Plavsic.

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Author`s name Michael Simpson