German Writer Says USA Threatens World Peace

Writer Gunter Grass said that George W. Bush is a threat to the world peace

Germany is not unanimous, when it comes to the coming attack on Iraq.  Everybody knows about Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder’s negative attitude to the USA’s position about Iraq. Schroeder completely excluded Germany’s participation in the attack. Gerhard Schroeder’s close friend, a Nobel literature laureate in 1999 Gunter Grass went even further in his criticism against Washington. The writer claimed that he considered the American president as a “threat to world peace.”

In one of his latest interviews to the German newspaper Welt  Grass said that the combination of family, economic and political interests made Bush a threat to world peace. Paul Spiegel, the leader of the German Jewish community, sticks to another opinion. Spiegel said in his interview to the German newspaper Bild  that the American military attack on Iraq can be justified at certain circumstances. Spiegel believes that one should not proclaim the discontent with the actions of another country in advance. He definitely meant German chancellor’s position on the issue.

It seems that the USA does not pay any attention to the position of European pacifist allies. The Pentagon is more preoccupied with weather conditions in the Persian Gulf as well as with the deployment of US troops there. Nobel literature laureates’ opinions do not count.

Sergey Borisov

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka