The Clouds gathering above Schroeder

Bundestag has passed a decision  to create Commission on Investigating “Pre-election Deception of the Electorate”

The governing coalition in Germany is threatened with a serious scandal. Today, the German parliament passed a decision to create the deputy Commission on Investigating “Pre-election Deception of the Electorate.” Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and foreign minister Joschka Fischer were accused of they having kept back from the electorate the real catastrophic finance situation in German economy.”
The commission creation was initiated by the opposition representative – the bloc Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU). According to RIA ‘Novosti,’ the commission intends to investigate whether these accusations are relevant or not.

The deputies of the ruling coalition however, i.e. social-democrats and the greens, obtained the commission task to be also “comparing arguments of the latest pre-election campaign with the character of the previous German governments states,” as well as “analysis of pre-election promises given during the latest pre-election campaign” by the opposition candidate for chancellor, the Bavaria prime minister Edmund Steuber  and by other leading politicians from CDS/CSS.
Though, the “red-greens” are now in a defending position: they have not managed to avert this unpleasant evolution. All the more that this September victory of the ruling coalition was not very convincing. They won only 1 percent of the vote. And since that time, there is no progress in German economy. This is why, the opposition so far possesses trumps cards, whose leaders of course will try to take maximal advantage from the situation.

Though, this does not mean that Schroeder is threatened with resignation. To obtain it, the commission should at first prove the fact that the electorate deception really took place. While this is not so easy: the “red-greens” always can say they are working at the pre-election promises fulfilment and they simply need more time.

Though, if the commission still issues the verdict against the chancellor, a serious political crisis expects Germany, which could be the most serious crisis within the whole post-war history. And it hardly will help the country economy…

Oleg Artyukov

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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Author`s name Olga Savka