Afghanistan. Phoenix Bird with the name Al-Qaida

The terrorist group Al-Qaida is a real danger for the world. It has recreated in Afghanistan some training camps

In Afghan capital, security measures are being hardened after in the city centre, a car with two US militaries and their interpreter was shot from grenade cup discharge. All the tree were seriously injured. The teenage attackers were detained and accused of being connected with Al-Qaida. In almost all crossroads of Kabul, military and police patrols check up every car as for arm and explosives. US military staff representative to Bagram, Helene Kramer reported the two injured militaries had trained Tuesday recruits for Afghan national army. It should be noticed that this is not the only attack on US militaries in Afghanistan. So far, most of them resulted in injuring the US militaries. According to official information, since the beginning of the anti-terrorist operation in Afghanistan, 15 US militaries were killed, while non-official figures make 150 to 200 dead.

Al-Qaida has not been annihilated, vice versa, it becomes more powerful every day. Americans feel it very clearly. Apropos, the same conclusion was made by UN inspectors who occupy themselves with monitoring of terrorist activities since October 11, 2000. Their recent report reads that this group could account at the moment on support of about 10 thousand activists all over the world. Although the terrorist organization was seriously injured, it still has no difficulties with recruiting new gunmen. According to the report, the Al-Qaida structure has been seriously hit, though it continues to be a real danger for the world and global security, so without wide-raging exchange of information, without cooperation of police structures, without full finance control at the world level, Al-Qaida still will be able to act, to recruit its supporters and to rearm.

Michael Chandler who presented the report said Al-Qaida continues to train its gunmen. In particular, according to his information, new military camps were created, situated in East Afghanistan, not far from Khaiber passing and Pakistan border. Many extremists seek for contact with this terrorist group, he said. According to Chandler, Al-Qaida concludes unions with different “national and regional extremists groups, which are ready to use terrorism to achieve their aims.”

Dmitry Litvinovich

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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Author`s name Olga Savka