Kissinger’s Appointment Is Just Another Mistake

It seems that appointment of Henry Kissinger is just another failure of President Bush, something like his slip of the tongue when he confused inflation and deflation, or when he choked with a cracker. Hardly had the community got used to Kissinger’s return to the “large-scale politics”, to the post of chairman of the commission investigating US intelligence failures before September 11, as a film “The Trials of Henry Kissinger” inspired by the book “The Trial of Henry Kissinger” by Christopher Hitchens was demonstrated all over America.

Christopher Hitchens demanded that this eminent Republican, who headed the US State Department under Nixon and Ford, and even was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973, must be prosecuted by the international tribunal. This is to be a trial similar to the Nurnberg Military Tribunal, which Kissinger must stand as a war criminal guilty of the death of millions of people from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Timor, Bangladesh, Cyprus, Chile, America.

The book by Hitchens is a journalist investigation by itself, it had caused an acute response in the society a couple of years ago; which by the way cannot be compared with the boom caused by the film based on the book. Popular American newspapers in eager rivalry give their notices concerning the film. Newsage insists that every American should see the film, especially now. The New York Times characterizes “The Trials of Henry Kissinger” as a stunning film. But reactions of those who already saw the film are the strongest, they were published on the Internet. “A great film about the horrible man.” “Finally, some attention was paid to the most malicious infringer of human rights over the whole history of the USA.” “Evidences against Henry Kissinger are the strongest.” “Before he is punished, he must be subjected to court of the community.”  “Sad, but the history is repeating. This excellent documentary is a serious indictment against Henry Kissinger for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The film must serve an alarm urging to realize how dangerous the policy of George W. Bush, Colin Powell,  Richard Ashcroft, Condoleezza Rice is. Politicians always lied concerning the problems of life and death of thousands of innocent people, and they always will.”

Authors of the film, producer Eugene Jarecki and script writer Alex Gibney forced Kissinger and his partners “to play the roles of themselves.” Following the outline of Hitchens’ journalist investigation, they built the documentary’s plot on collection of documentary and photo evidences of guilt of former US secretary of state. The film makers pronounce the same sentence that Hitchens does: “Guilty!” They just slightly changed the title and gave the word “trial” in plural. Obviously, George W. Bush repeated his mistake when he appointed Henry Kissinger chairman of the commission investigating faults of the US intelligence before the 9/11 tragedy.

The cartoon published among the responses to the film depicts Henry Kissinger watching the 9/11 terrorism attack and characterizing it as “unprofessional” (heaps of skulls of those who died because of him are behind the door)

Andrey Krushinsky

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Author`s name Michael Simpson