Anything Goes for Spoiling Saddam’s Life

An anonymous Iraqi official allegedly stated that Iraq was rich with mass destruction weapons

Hardly a UN committee started working in Iraq, the USA and Great Britain experienced another outbreak of the anti-Iraqi campaign. The point of the new campaign is not conspicuous for being original: Saddam deceives the world, he has the mass destruction weapons anyway.

The commotion was raised by the British newspaper the Times. At first, this respectable newspaper cited a London-based Arab newspaper Al-Quds al-Arabi. The paper published an interview, which was allegedly given by a high-ranking Iraqi official. That official affirmed the following:

- Saddam has chemical and biological weapons;
- Iraq continues its secret work on its nuclear program;
- The Iraqi dictator has 20 ballistic missiles.

Rather impressive. Yet, there is an impression that the mentioned high-ranking official works not in the Iraqi, but in the American government (or in the British government). At least, the leaders of those two countries have been obsessed with Saddam’s mass destruction weapons for several months in a row already. That “official” and his confession came in handy indeed.

However, the Times believed that it was not enough.  The newspaper published another article yesterday, which said that the Iraqis hid the part of mass destruction weapons in their homes. This information was allegedly received by Western special services as a result of radio interception.

Saddam Hussein is sly as devil. UN inspectors do their best now to check everything in Iraq. If Saddam really cheats, he will have to pay a lot for that. Yet, he just keeps doing his thing. As a matter of fact, there is no reason to believe that the information, that was published in those newspapers is not connected with the start of the inspection in Iraq. It all came up after inspectors’ first trips to suspicious objects in the country. There is nothing surprising about that.

Speaking about being objective and unbiased, they should have waited for the first stage of the inspections to complete. As it is supposed, it is to happen in January. This is the time, when the UN committee will expose its conclusions regarding either the presence or absence of the mass destruction weapons in Iraq. On the ground of that conclusion, the international community (not only the USA and Great Britain) will think upon its further actions.

There is an impression that London and Washington decided to get a guarantee, in case if nothing criminal is found. UN inspectors will not go to every house or dig in every dunghill, after all. There is one thing clear about the whole issue. Washington and London are longing to get rid of Saddam. Anything goes for that, any kind of means, even ridiculous ones.

Vasily Bubnov

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka