Afrika Undergoes Continental Shift

Africa undergoes continental shift

It is not what you think. Perhaps, continental drift – as in 'pivot' – would be a more apt descriptor.

The pivot is not that ominous in physical terms. Scientists have not detected any large scale movement of any geological tectonic plate activity. None that I am aware of. To be perfectly honest, the Dark Continent's sudden movement – though palpable – has nothing to do with its massive land mass. Not that at all.

Allow me to explain...
As a former resident – Afrikaner by blood – , I could not help but notice the recent significant transformation of a large swath of Afrika. In re, the way many Afrikans now present themselves to the world. This coming out though, was largely confined to some West coast countries. The profound change applies as far north as Morocco. The paradigm shift did not happen in East Afrika. Neither was it felt in those former colonized states of the Sub Saharan region. The same can be said of  the North for those nations where two Nile Rivers run their winding course.

So, what really transpired? Moreover, what kind of event would give rise to such a clarion shout out to those interested foreign states as to the 'new' status of Afrika?

To know the answer to that, one must start at the beginning with recent events.

Let me start with France. Better yet, Niger – a former French colony – is the kicking off point. That is where the Imperial Franc Republic and European dominoes begin to fall. In my estimation, what happened in Niger – where the French contingent was formally asked to leave; kicked out so to speak – is the beginning of a mass Afrikan exodus away from colonial EU continental rule.

In addition to Niger, Mali as well Burkina Faso also were compelled to'put the boots' to their former French masters. Western Sahara – oil rich – could soon follow suit. Who can blame them? France was never really receptive to any colonial concerns of the occupied territories. Even if those – as was the case in Algeria – emanated from its own ex-patriate citizens. How much less would Paris care for the needs of the, captured, wholly conquered indigenous peoples? Makes one shudder to think as to longer term future outcomes in any French colony.

Now juxtapose the tumultuous change in loyalty to what really is involved: natural resources. Who owns those? Or, who controls the trade? Also, what are the real costs – to the host country – of extraction? Those questions are not limited to quantification in monetary terms.

No... The cost of human capital must be considered, first and foremost. However, whenever the colonizer is evaluating its own risk assessment, that human component never enters the cost computation.

What is really unfolding...?

Two significant Winds of Change are sweeping the Afrikan continent, Those comein the form of BRICS, as well as from the Russian Federation. The geopolitical effects are bound to impact the EU countries, whether the Euros choose to admit to those, or not. If they choose the latter route, it will come at a peril. Just ask France.

What are the causal factors...? Two stand out.

First, there is an obvious one. Afrikan nations have taken notice of The Ukraine conflict. One could say, that many have also taken extreme umbrage as to NATO's ostricization – more like demonization – of Russia. They cannot help but notice that continued EU sanctions against Russia, hurts their own plight and overall livelihoods: Russia is a major exporter of grains, energy as well as fertilizer to the continent. Those now 'red pilled' Afrikan former colonies will not ever jeopardize that lifeline. Not on their lives.

The second causative factor – although less obvious – involves America, To be clear, that means De-dollarization. BRICS, in addition to other benefits, offers the opportunity to trade in one's own currency. Moreover, BRICS member nations adhere to international laws. This is in stark contrast to U.S. Hegemony. Which, so many nations – Russia being foremost – know full well that America's 'rules based order' benefits America... America alone. International Law? Does not apply to them.

Now... How could any honest nation not pivot away from such blatant hypocrisy?


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Author`s name Montresor Montresor