Feeble European state of Romania wants to kill two birds with one stone

Romania wants to snatch two pieces of one pie at once – Moldova and Ukraine

The Romanian army prepares to enter both Moldova and Ukraine. It was in these countries where the Romanians distributed their passports in large numbers.

Romania readies intervention law

Romania is preparing a new defence law that will give it a legitimate opportunity to send troops into the territory of other countries to "protect Romanian citizens” in response to "hybrid threats.”In the event of an intervention, all security forces will be mobilised and the National Military Command Center will be created. It will be up to the president to make the decision regarding the intervention; approval from the Supreme National Defense Council will be required as well.

  • Romania is militarising;
  • it is ready to create the "Greater Romania”;
  • the nationalist AUR party has 20 percent of support for the 2024 elections.

Interestingly, there are only two scenarios where the Romanian army can enter to protect its citizens. The first one is to Moldova.

Romania will enter Moldova to create a second front

In Moldova, more than half a million citizens hold Romanian passports. Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu said in an interview with DCNews that he "believes in the union of the Republic of Moldova with Romania.” According to him, the two countries will unite regardless of whether it is going to happen within the EU or in a round about way.

"I still believe in the union of the Republic of Moldova with Romania. Either this will be done within the EU, or we will find another way. Definitely! The Republic of Moldova is stable thanks to the help of Romania. The Romanians live in the Republic of Moldova. History has committed injustice, and the present is a consequence of the past. Together with you I can build the future,” Ciolacu said.

The reason chosen will be simple — protection from Russian aggression. Judging by the Prime Minister's speech, Washington has given the go-ahead for intervention.

The "other path” will happen regardless of Moldova's wishes, and this will happen if a second front for Russia needs to be opened. It is obvious that Moscow will be faced with the task of protecting Transnistria and Gagauzia. From Chisinau's point of view, the leadership of these autonomies is illegitimate for various reasons.

Nobody will ask the Moldovans

Only 46 percent of the Romanians think that Romania's membership in the European Union is a good thing, compared with a European average of 62 percent. Romanians' trust in the EU has fallen by about 20 percent in just eight years.

Romania remains a second-class EU country with enforced pension reform, green agenda and liberal values. At the same time, corruption has not gone away; it is growing.

All Moldovans who wanted to become Romanians have already become them, but there are still many of those who do not want to obtain Romanian passports. As a result, Moldova is going to deal with:

  • protests;
  • the fight against Romanian occupiers;
  • uncertainty in the future.

Romania will enter Ukraine if Russia lets it happen

The second option for intervention is entering Ukraine, where in the Chernivtsi region and in the south of the Odessa region, many (300,000 people) also have Romanian citizenship.

An entry into Ukraine is impossible without Russia's consent, and it will be guided by the opinion of the population. Residents of Odessa and Chernivtsi regions may want to choose Russia as their home, but not Romania.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov