Fresh water crises will force Europe turn to Russia for help

Fresh water to ensure Russia's security once and for all

The severe shortage of fresh water in Europe may trigger numerous conflicts among EU countries. Russia may take advantage of that.

According to the European Commission, the European Union is not ready to overcome the consequences of the drought, Politico said. The EC believes that water scarcity on the continent threatens almost every aspect of human life, from personal needs to the needs of industry, agriculture, tourism, fire control, etc.

These problems increase competition for water resources within and between EU member states over transboundary water resources.

Water disputes in the EU have already become reality, Politico notes. In Spain, for instance, drought-stricken Catalonia is trying to convince the central government to divert river water from neighbouring Aragon, thus stirring up political tensions. There were clashes in France last year over plans to create reservoirs.

The drought period in Europe began in 2018. Several regions of France were left without water supplies due to the lack of water as such. Environmentalists and farmers who need water for irrigation stepped in as well. In Germany, the number of legal disputes over ownership of water resources has doubled in the last 20 years.

The EU and its member states must be better prepared for climate risks to be able to combat them effectively, the European Commission said.

All this comes as the "green” agenda, of course, but the climate problem can not be solved at the EU level.

It is much easier to solve it by conquering waterways, for example, by causing the Russian Federation to collapse because Russia holds the largest fresh water reserves in the world.

After the United States won the Cold War, Western leaders started thinking of ways to deprive Russia of control of its natural resources. The "colony-metropolis” relationship with the Russian Federation did not work out, and the West came up with the anti-Russia project, expanding NATO and moving it closer and closer to the borders of Russia and sowing anti-Russian sentiments in Ukraine.

Water is the main security factor for Russia

Water shortages have become commonplace not just in Europe, but all over the world. China,

Japan, Central Asia, Australia, almost all of Africa suffer from the lack of fresh water.

The question of Europe's survival will arise sooner or later, since water remains the main limiting factor. The powers that be will have to turn to Russia for help. Moscow will then think what to "ask” in return. In this case, the Russian Federation will be able to close the issue of its security quickly and for a long time to come.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov