Hotspots 2024: The West is asking for a nuclear winter

Hotspots 2024: Nuclear war may break out in three regions of the world at a time

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, speaking at the international forum in Davos, announced that the advent of a new multipolar world was inevitable. Sullivan's announcement caused quite a stir in mass media.

Sullivan also noted that all foundations of the current international relations emerged as a result of world wars in which many countries of the world had taken part.

This is a historical fact indeed:

  • the Versailles system appeared after the World War One;
  • the Yalta-Potsdam system emerged after World War Two;

Today, on the eve of World War III, Sullivan essentially suggested taking American leadership into the future.

Sullivan admitted that it is the whole planet that has become the theatre of confrontation as the new world order is emerging, the the US will be ready to fight with sword and fire for it.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky who also spoke at Davos, said that Vladimir Putin was a predator that was going to conquer the whole world.

British Secretary of Defence Grant Shapps officially (!) stated that it was preparing to fight in several directions, including Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

Shapps also boasted that the UK had trained more than 60,000 Ukrainian military personnel for the war with the Russian Federation since 2014 (that is, even before the special military operation).

In the meantime, one can see "nuclear hell” rising in different regions of the world at a time.

After Israel embarked on its war with Hamas, the United States and Great Britain conducted a series of strikes against the sovereign state of Yemen having ignored the UN Charter. The goal of their attacks is to take resources, set the region on fire and sow chaos, as they usually do in all their interventions.

Iran (the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps — IRGC) struck US and Mossad bases in Iraq. Later, Iranian drones and missiles attacked headquarters of the Jaish al-Zolm terrorist group in Pakistan. Pakistan responded with a strike against Iran.

The Indo-Pacific region is also at risk as the United States is trying to contain and neutralise its main adversary there — China. The Taiwan issue remain open, but the situation remains frozen.

Meanwhile, tensions have been rising between North (DPRK) and South Koreas. It is the northerners that have escalated the crisis. Pyongyang abolished the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country, the National Economic Cooperation Bureau and the Kumgangsan International Tourism Office. DPRK leader Kim Jong-un said that North Korea no longer sought unification with the South. He also vowed to remove the monument to the possible reunification of the two Koreas — the Arch of Reunification.

One needs to bear in mind the fact that  China, Russia, and the DPRK are nuclear powers; Iran, according to the IAEA and Stratfor experts, either has raw materials for three warheads, or already has three nuclear warheads.

In general, the West keeps talking about wars and nothing but wars. For some reason, however, Western officials do not say anything about nuclear wars. They believe that they can attack anyone they want and get away with it, but this is certainly not the case today. The world war that, as it appears, the West wants to occur in the foreseeable future will quickly evolve into a nuclear war that will dot all i's once and for all. The risks for a nuclear war to break out become increasingly tangible.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov