US starts new war with Houthis not to help Ukraine anymore

Russia benefits from US-Yemen and US-Iran wars, EU emerges as biggest loser

As we can see a new war unfolding in the Middle East, the United States is gradually pulling out from the "Ukrainian project,” leaving it to the biggest losers of the redistribution of the world-the Europeans. Ukraine is desperate.

US and UK hit Iran's proxy army

Washington and London decided to strike Yemen. On the night of January 12, the coalition attacked 16 Houthi army targets (command centres, ammunition depots and launch systems), having launched 100 air-to-ground guided missiles. The coastal city of Hodeidah and the country's capital, Sana'a, were hit as well.

US President Joe Biden said that the operation was a response to unprecedented Houthi attacks in the Red Sea. He assured that he would not hesitate to take additional measures. Under Vietnam War-era law, the US president has the right to participate in a conflict without congressional approval for up to 60 days. This is a lot, but the Anglo-Saxons will not be able to crush Houthi rebels without a ground operation.

Yemeni Houthis are Iranian proxy troops. If the United States has a proxy army in the form of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, then why can't Iran have one too? Iran has supplied and will supply the Yemeni army with everything.

Iran follows its strategy of destroying the US

With the help of such armies, Iran is taking revenge for years of humiliation and oppression. Tehran has been building its powerful military-industrial complex, supporting Bashar al-Assad in Syria, arming Hamas, Hezbollah and its proxy forces in Iraq, where Shiite groups now attack American military bases.

Strange as it may seem, Shiite Iran supported mainly Sunni Palestine, while the latter's co-religionists closed their skies to the US Air Force. To crown it all, Bahrain ended up in the Western coalition. All this comes in response to US attempts to destroy Iran: 30 years of sanctions, arrest of oil tankers, the curtailment of the peaceful nuclear program, attacks on Iranian scientists and military leaders.

Iran's strategy is to drag the United States and its allies into a series of regional wars to wear the Americans out. The USA and Great Britain swallowed the bait today. Iran saw a window of opportunities when America faced most difficult challenges at home and abroad.

Russia benefits from both this conflict and the direct conflict between the United States and Iran. It will be easier for Russia to accomplish its goals in Ukraine. The war in the Middle East will cause oil prices to soar. Logistics will become more complicated, which is also beneficial to Russia. The conflict in the Middle East will last for a long time, it will cost the West a lot, which is also beneficial to Russia.

Ukraine loses Western feeders

Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials come to realise that they are losing their Western "feeders." Ukraine suffered considerably from the war in Israel, even though neither the United States nor Britain took direct participation in it. Today we can see both the US and UK militaries involved directly. What is going to happen to Ukraine then?

Indeed, Washington started the war in the Middle East right before the Davos forum, where Volodymyr Zelensky is going with a goal to attract as much attention to himself as possible.

It is now obvious that the United States is pulling out from the Ukrainian project to leave it all to the EU.

The European Union as biggest loser of Third World War

Now the EU will have to finance the Armed Forces of Ukraine alone. Are the Europeans willing and able? They are working to overcome Hungary's veto and will continue to borrow.

There is no good news for Europe today. Europe is following the lead of the United States and will pay a huge price for it in the Third World War, more than any other global player.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov