Good vs. Evil: Putin as an ally of part of Western elite

Liberals are terrified of a possibility for Donald Trump to return to the White House. The ongoing confrontation in the world is much deeper than just West-East or Russia-USA standoff. This is a matter of Good vs. Evil.

The rise of Javier Miley to power in Argentina receives an extensive coverage in liberal media. He is a protege of the forces that stand behind Evil, which is why they advertise him so much.

Miley is an ultra-liberal who advocates same-sex marriage and transgender rights. In the United States, libertarians advocate ending the "war on drugs” and stand up against restrictions in immigration policy. Miley said that he would support those who "believe in liberal democracy.”

After meetings in Argentina at Miley's inauguration, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (the Hungarian Constitution states that the family is the union of a man and a woman), went to the United States to meet with Republicans in Washington to finalise the completion of the military assistance for Ukraine, as The Guardian said. The meeting will be held under the auspices of the Heritage Foundation, a stronghold of conservatism.

A diplomatic source of the newspaper said that Orban was confident of US Congress determination to block further assistance to Ukraine. He therefore tries to block assistance from the European Union.

Why does the West block assistance to Ukraine?

Ukrainian politician Alexey Arestovych*, who currently resides in the United States, set out his vision of the situation after conversations with the American establishment. According to him, a significant part of influential representatives of the American elite from the Republican wing are deeply religious people. They are waging their holy war of politics against liberals.

"They say it clearly that all this LGBT** propaganda, gender and transgender issues — all this comes as an attack from Satan. And when you tell them: "Guys, there will be no Ukraine if you don't help us, and you will face a greater threat afterwards,” they answer: "Ukraine is not even a price for victory over Satan, even the US is not a price. The question is who is going to win — God or Satan," Arestovych said.

From this point of view, the Kyiv regime has become a tool for the leftist forces, and they strongly refuse to fund Satanism, said Arestovych.

Russian President Vladimir Putin defends conservative values, so one can negotiate with him, he added. In addition, the Republicans are very closely following the persecution of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC). For them, "this is the last thing that could be done.”

"You explain to them that there are FSB agents, officers, illegal immigrants, propaganda, and they say: "Go and fight propaganda, fight illegal immigrants. Why do you persecute the Church as a whole?” said Arestovych.

The confrontation may lead to an internal coup, Democratic Congressman Brendan Boyle told the Voice of America**.

"If you are a Republican Speaker, you will, of course, be very concerned that if you introduce a bill on any assistance to Ukraine, then it could be held against you as part of an internal coup (removing the previous Speaker for an alliance with Joseph Biden. — ed.) that we have witnessed in the last couple of months."

Let us recollect the open letter from US Army retirees who wrote that the 2020 election was rigged. The January 6 Capitol riot came as a trumpet of the "voice of the people” rather than a Trump provocation.

There was a letter from retired French military generals who wrote to French President Emmanuel Macron that France was falling apart because of "hordes of Islamists.”

It is not without reason that Liberal Satanists believe that there is a kind of informal "reactionary International” that divides ideas, tactics and rhetoric of American conservatives. They ban the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party in Germany and other European countries, but its leader, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban maintains interaction with his American "comrades in arms.” Slowly but surely, European conservatives start winning — suffice it to look at the results of the recent elections in Slovakia and the Netherlands.

*recognised as extremist, terrorist in the Russian Federation

**blocked in Russia as extremist platform

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov