Russia to reunite with Ukraine when special operation ends

Special military operation to end with Russia reuniting with Ukraine

How will the Russians coexist with the Ukrainians after the special military operation comes to an end?

Russians in Ukraine deny their own nature

One of the leaders of the Russian Guard in the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), former commander of the Vostok Battalion, Alexander Khodakovsky, feels deeply hurt:

"Essentially, there is a war going on with Russians fighting Russians with the active participation of the West on the side of one of the participants.”

Khodakovsky is confident that the Russians in Russia are ready to look for ways to normalise relations when the military phase of the conflict comes to an end. However, he admits that the Ukrainians are not ready for this as they "deny their own nature.”

Khodakovsky refers to Russian Ukrainians who admit that "the annexation of Crimea to Russia following the 2014 coup in Ukraine has torn Russia and Ukraine apart and predetermined the further course of events.”

20 million Russians in Ukraine

We would like to argue with Mr. Khodakovsky about how the Ukrainians feel. Ukrainian politician Alexey Arestovych* called himself a Russian Ukrainian on Telegram not that long ago.

"I am a Russian-speaking Ukrainian. Let's put this straight: I am simply a Russian of Ukraine,” he wrote.

The post got 8,000 likes and more than 4,000 comments:

"Alexei, there are twenty million Ukrainians who feel the same way, and they have no rights according to stubborn officials.”

Of course, Arestovych simply feels the situation. He understands that there is a demand for peace in the society, but the Kyiv regime can not meet this demand and will therefore fall. He is working for his role of the future. Who knows, maybe he will be one of the future leaders of the new Ukraine.

I am Russian: how the subconscious works

Subconscious works differently. If a Ukrainian national recognises themselves as Russian, they will have to think about the point of this conflict.

Twenty million of Ukrainian Russians will undoubtedly want to put up with the Russians of Russia.

Ukrainian Telegram channel Open Ukraine conducted a survey on this topic offering to recognise the conflict with Russia "a civil war.” All those killed on the Ukrainian side shall be recognised as victims of this confrontation.”

"If you want to annex something, then you must either exterminate everyone there, or accept them all as citizens — wives, children, parents of all those who rest in these cemeteries,” someone wrote in a comment.

Russia has experience of post-civil-war reconciliation. Suffice it to recall the Chechen wars. The work to restore peace between Russian peoples is priceless. This is also a ready-made state ideology. Time will heal, but many will of course be unhappy and offended. The goal is to reduce their grievances to a minimum.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov