Ukraine betrays USA, Hungary supports Israel: Metamorphoses at UN General Assembly

Many surprising conclusions can be drawn from the results of the vote in the UN General Assembly on November 11 on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The UN General Assembly voted on a resolution to declare Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory, including the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem (Al-Quds), illegal.

The draft resolution, entitled "Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and in the occupied Syrian Golan,” was approved on November 9 by the Special Political Issues and Decolonisation Committee of the UN General Assembly.

As many as 145 countries supported the resolution, including the Russian Federation, China, India, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, France, South Africa, Japan and… Ukraine. Eighteen countries, mostly from Latin America and Africa, abstained from voting. Israel, the USA, Canada, Hungary, Nauru, the Marshall Islands and Micronesia voted against the document.

The results were surprising in many respects.

1. The "civilized” Western world has shrunk to three countries — the USA, Israel and Canada. Hungary's position deserves special attention. The positions of island states are insignificant in geopolitics.

2. Israel rests only on the power of the United States. Along with the weakening of the US, Israel's position ("us or them") will be changing. Otherwise, Israel will be destroyed.

3. The world overwhelmingly condemns Israel's actions against the Palestinians, as such actions are aimed at expelling them from internationally recognised lands. Israel also aims to eliminate the Palestinian statehood under the pretext of self-defence.

4. Great Britain, France, Sweden and other "civilised” countries refused to support the United States and Israel for one simple reason: these countries are home to a huge number of migrants of Arab origin, mostly Muslims. As many as 800,000 took to the streets in London for a rally in support of Palestine over the weekend. Elon Musk was right when he said that civil war in Europe would be inevitable should migration continue. We would like to add here that such a war may spark if EU governments support Israel's insanity.

5. Great Britain used to govern Palestine under the 1920 League of Nations mandate — when no one had even heard of Israel. In fact, Palestine used to be a British colony. All subsequent events had led to the disappearance of the British Empire and the loss of its influence in the world. However, London revisited memories of its erstwhile power after Brexit and now claims to be playing a special role in the Ukrainian conflict (and in the Palestinian one too). This indicates not so much the growing role of Great Britain on the world stage, but rather the weakening of the United States.

6. Ukraine's position is surprising indeed. Kyiv did not support the United States. There may be several explanations to this — from revenge on the United States for decreasing political and financial assistance, support for the Turkey-Britain tandem, to the personal position of Volodymyr Zelensky.

7. Hungary's position is interesting too as it runs counter to both the position of Europe and Turkey, Hungary's great ally. Hungary is home to Europe's largest Jewish community. There are about 300,000 Jews of Hungarian origin in Hungary. Hungary is particularly worried about them now. It is worth noting that George Soros, whom Budapest demonises, is a Hungarian Jew. The Jewish money will not bypass Hungary now. Hungary's pragmatic position in everything is worth noting here too. Budapest clearly shows that it does not share double standards — if you support the Hungarians in Ukraine, then you should support them in Israel. Hungary does not allow migrants from the East, so there is no protest potential in the country as far as the Arab-Israeli conflict is concerned.

Russia's position on this conflict is as follows:

One needs to create the State of Palestine within the 1967 borders with its capital in East Jerusalem and put an end to Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories. Sooner or later, it will happen.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov