Israel-Palestine crisis may trigger nuclear destruction of the Arab world

Crisis in Israel opens the gate of hell in the Middle East and Europe

Intelligence specialist Georgy Rieper believes that the current crisis in Israel marks just another stage of the grand redivision of the world that will trigger other major crises in the Middle East, Europe and Taiwan.

"Today, many write clever forecasts about the Samson Option (Israel's use of nuclear weapons) or the full cleansing of Gaza. They switch from Ukraine to the Palestinian-Israeli crisis, but the question is much broader. What we can see now is part of the grandiose redivision of the world that was formed after WWII," Georgy Rieper told Pravda.Ru.

Let us recall that Israel today has at least 200 nuclear warheads. The country also has a full-fledged nuclear triad. Israeli nuclear arsenal is believed to be the sixth largest nuclear arsenal in the world.

Officially, Israel never admits to the presence of nuclear weapons. There is only "no one's nuclear explosion" known as the Vela incident. However, everyone knows about the Samson Option — Israel's deterrence strategy of massive retaliation with nuclear weapons.

A lot has been reported about the existence of so-called "Parking Plan” when Israel literally wipes Gaza out turning it into one giant parking lot. It appears that Israel is implementing this plan already:

  • first Gaza is destroyed in massive rocket attacks,
  • heavy tanks and special forces clear the region,
  • bulldozers level out the entire territory of the enclave making it look like a parking lot.

"Israel's cleansing of the Gaza Strip will trigger a huge migration crisis and an explosion of aggression in the Islamic world. The United States is bringing an aircraft carrier group in, but who is stopping Iran from transferring anti-ship missiles to Hamas or Hezbollah? Libya may supply old strategic Tu-22 aircraft to Hamas as well. A sunken aircraft carrier is something different than bulldozers in Gaza. The very existence of Israel is at risk. This may lead to the nuclear destruction of the countries of the Arab world,” Georgy Rieper believes.

Migrants (mostly Muslims) will then cause civil-religious and simply civilisational wars in the EU, he also added.

"Believe me, many want to fish in troubled waters and catch benefits when redividing the world. The crisis in Israel has opened the gate of hell in the Middle East and Europe. The whole world will be on fire, blood will drip down the meridians,” he also said.

The expert does not rule out that other major conflicts may occur against the backdrop of such turmoil:

  • China will launch a military operation to conquer Taiwan;
  • The Poles will snatch pieces of Ukraine;
  • India and Pakistan will "redistribute” Kashmir (which is dangerous, since both countries are nuclear powers);
  • Japan and North Korea may decide to close their civilisational and territorial disputes;
  • Northern Cyprus could become another hotspot;
  • The Serbs and the Albanians will fight over Kosovo;
  • Ireland will remember its independence and centuries of humiliation from Britain;
  • If Britain is distracted by Ireland, Argentina may remember "its” Malvinas Islands.

"In this period of wars, as the world is being reshuffled, only penguins will be able to lead their peaceful lives on the Pole. Australia appears to be an island of stability and calmness as well. Oddly enough, the largest country in the world, Russia, may also settle down and live in peace after it resolves the Ukrainian crisis in a year or two, unless a war with NATO breaks out. Russia has formulated its principles of a new world order and is now sitting and watching," Rieper concluded.

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Author`s name Alexander Shtorm
Editor Dmitry Sudakov