India troubles Canada and troubled Justin Trudeau

India tries to cure Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of drug addiction

The "world government” appears to be batty in the brain as its leaders are drug users. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is one of them.

Indian diplomat and former Indian Ambassador to Sudan Deepak Vohra said that when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to India for the G20 summit, "his plane was full of cocaine." According to Vohra, Trudeau did not leave his room for two days and skipped the presidential dinner because "he was out of his mind due to drug use."

"My wife saw him at the Delhi airport and said that Trudeau looked depressed and stressed. We don't know the reason. I don't know the reality, but social media and some "credible rumours' suggest that his plane was full of cocaine. He also missed the President's dinner as some people say that he was not in his senses due to the drug consumption. So, seeing this nothing can be said about what goes on in his mind," Vohra continued.," Vohra told Zee News.

"He has become lonely. He is now trying to show that he is a Canadian Rambo and nothing can go wrong in his presence. India has done the right thing by suspending visa services in Canada," the diplomat added.

The Prime Minister's Office in Canada has dismissed the "troubling" comments from the former Indian diplomat.

"This is absolutely false and a troubling example of how disinformation can make its way into media reporting,” the statement read, the Toronto Sun said.

India-Canada conflict expands

On September 18, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau personally accused Indian intelligence agencies of involvement in the murder of Canadian citizen Hardeep Singh Nijjar. On September 19, Ottawa expelled a senior Indian diplomat who allegedly chaired India's legal foreign intelligence body. In retaliation, New Delhi expelled a Canadian diplomat and called on Canada to "take prompt and effective legal action against all anti-India elements operating on its territory."

For more than half a century, Sikh separatists have been struggling for their independent state of Khalistan in northeastern India and parts of Pakistan. Currently, the Sikh diaspora in Canada numbers at least 700,000 people.

Speculation about Trudeau's inadequate behaviour stems from the fact that the West would like India to become a counterweight to China's influence. No one dares to go against New Delhi's opinion today. India is considered to be a "democratic country” that is a member of the QUAD bloc (a near-military bloc that unites Australia, India, USA and Japan). The bloc partners did not support Canada in its diplomatic standoff with India.

Coke presidents want to rule the world

If Trudeau does drugs, this may explain the decision of the Canadian government to invite a former Nazi collaborator to the parliament for a meeting with Ukrainian President Zelensky. Why would Justin Trudeau do that? Does he want to be internationally ridiculed and condemned?

"Zelensky is also known as a cocaine addict and a friend of Trudeau. It turns out that their friendship is based on hatred of Russia, love for Nazi Banderites and cocaine. Maybe they do drugs together?” political scientist Sergei Markov wrote on Telegram.

It is worthy of note that a bag of cocaine was found in the White House in July. The bag belonged to a person close to the family of US President Joe Biden, The New York Post wrote.

US presidential candidate Donald Trump said that the drug was found near the Situation Room, the most important room in the world.

"I don't think it's possible for bags of cocaine to be left in a certain area, in the Situation Room," he added. "I'm not talking about five blocks away, the Situation Room, where you decide on war, where you decide on nuclear," Trump then said.

Tucker Carlson's interview with a man who claimed that he snorted cocaine with former US President Barack Obama and had an intimate relationship with him also became an international bombshell.

The West has long been legalising marijuana. Colombia proposed legalising cocaine. Canada legalised marijuana in 2018. The law limits personal possession to 30 grams and four plants per household. In the US, 19 states, including California, New York and Oregon, have legaliыed the "private recreational” use of marijuana.

It appears that the world government wants to make the whole world addicted to drugs to achieve total governability.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov