Will Russians travel to EU where border guards may decide to seize their underwear?

EU border guards allowed to seize underwear and toilet paper from Russian tourists

EU authorities continue their "no to common sense" practice. The European Commission has recently published the list of items that Russian tourists can and can not bring upon their entry into the European Union.

The decision to confiscate personal belongs from Russian citizens entering EU states was so absurd that it was quickly revised, but this did not make things easier.

The list originally included private vehicles with Russian license plates and electronic devices. There were also clothes, jewelry, suitcases, cosmetics and even hygiene items.

After taking a breath, the European Commission officially explained changes regarding Russians travellers in EU countries.

In accordance with the decision, Russian citizens were not allowed to bring shampoos, smartphones, laptops, cameras and toilet paper. Why toilet paper?!

German officials said that all items covered by EC regulations were subject to import ban, and no exceptions would be made.

Estonia prohibited the entry of vehicles with Russian license plates. The head of the Estonian Foreign Ministry said that local customs would follow EC recommendations. Lithuania is ready to confiscate vehicles with Russian license plates as well.

"The ban on imports from Russia covers cars, cameras, laptops and hundreds of other everyday items, according to EC spokesman Daniel Ferrie. According to him, Russians will not be stripped if they come wearing Russian-made clothes," lrt.lt said.

Switzerland decided not to fall into disgrace. The Swiss authorities did not comment on EU's legal interpretations, but stated that the country never confiscated personal belongings from Russian tourists.

Finland also said that it would not implement EU's recommendation. Spain and Italy decided to do the same.

The confusion within EU members forced the European Commission to mitigate the requirements and leave it up to border guards to decide whether to seize personal belongings from Russian citizens or not.

Will Russian tourists travel to EU countries where border guards may decide to seize their underwear? Those Russians who bought real estate in the European Union and those who just like to spend their holidays in Europe will have to think twice or wear no underwear at all when traveling to Europe.

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Author`s name Alexander Shtorm
Editor Dmitry Sudakov