Michelle Obama has all chances to change the course of world history

Michelle Obama: A serious contender for US presidency that has no rivals

Michelle Obama appears to be a possible backbencher who could take the lead in the upcoming presidential race.

Michelle Obama is a smart, ambitious woman full of frantic energy that can move mountains. This black woman has a very serious background that goes back to African slaves who worked on American plantations. She has all chances to attract millions coloured electorate.

Michelle Obama stubbornly denies her desire to become a forward, but these are the rules of the duel between experienced political strategists. A veil of secrecy and late entry into the race — all these will only be Michelle's extra trump cards in her possible struggle for power. Michelle Obama appears to be a perfect replacement for the elderly aristocratic WASP (White Anglo-Saxon protestant) Hillary Clinton, whose name is associated with too many scandals.

Michelle Obama has published two books, one of which — about female wisdom — appears to contain the author's program for the Oval Office.

Michelle's chances for victory are high, and her potential rivals decide not to shun dirty methods. Numerous reports have appeared lately claiming that Michelle Obama was allegedly a transgender.

Barack and Michelle Obama raise two girls, but some people want to believe the crazy rumour. Joan Rivers publicly stated years ago that "we all know Michelle is a trans." 

According to another rumour, Michelle Obama was actually born as Michael Robinson who graduated from Princeton University and changed gender in 1983.

Be that as it may, all those rumours remain just rumours. A similar technique was used against Brigitte Macron, the wife of French President Emmanuel Micron. It was alleged that she was the brother of a baby, whose place she took after the baby died.

Barack Obama is not perfect either. Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has recently aired an interview with a convicted con artist who claimed he had engaged in drug-fueled sex acts with Barack Obama. In addition, many of Barack Obama's former friends remember his secret visits to saunas. His brother Malik Obama, who, as they say, wants to avenge Barack for his stinginess, has repeatedly spoken about Barack's sexual orientation and his supposedly forged birth certificate.

Michelle Obama said once that the first ten years of marriage with Barack were a difficult ordeal for her. However, voters can only appreciate this image of a faithful wife and mother — Michelle Obama will only win even more supporters.

First woman president is truly a historical fact for any country, let alone such a power as the United States. In the meantime, Michelle carefully denies any insinuations about her possible entry into the world of big politics. She will have no competition if she does:

  • Hillary Clinton suffers from various ailments,
  • Nancy Pelosi is in her advanced age,
  • Kamala Harris is known for making silly statements.

Michelle Obama's victory in the presidential race will become a smart move for those who rule behind the scenes and need no public attention at all.

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Author`s name Alexander Artamonov
Editor Dmitry Sudakov