USA's paranoid reaction at Russia-North Korea summit

USA will not be able to stop Moscow and Pyongyang

The United States is concerned about the consequences of the Russia-DPRK summit. Washington has no leverage when it comes to Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un, and South Korea is aware of that.

USA's paranoid reaction at Russia-North Korea summit

According to The New York Times, Kim Jong-un may come to Russia in September after Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu paid a visit to the DPRK in July. It is believed that the meeting will take place in Vladivostok on September 10-13 as part of the Eastern Economic Forum. The North Korean leader may also visit the Vostochny Cosmodrome and then go to Moscow. The Kremlin has not yet confirmed this information yet.

It would be strange if such a visit did not take place as it meets the interests of both Russia and the DPRK.

Biden's national security aide Jake Sullivan was extremely negative about the summit. According to Sullivan, if Pyongyang starts supplying weapons to Russia then North Korea will be in trouble.

"Providing weapons to Russia for use on the battlefield to attack grain silos and heating infrastructure of major cities as we head into winter, to try to conquer territory that belongs to another sovereign nation — this will not reflect well on North Korea, and they will pay a price for this in the international community," Sullivan said.

We would like to note here that the US has unleashed dozens of wars of conquest after World War II and still remains in Iraq, Syria (stealing Syrian oil), Yemen, Somalia and Ukraine. Yet, US officials traditionally accuse other countries of "territorial conquests."

Secondly, Ukraine is not a sovereign state — it remains under USA's direct control of the United States, and it was Washington that created a real threat to Russia's security.

Thirdly, Pyongyang did not make any promise to the United States not to supply weapons to Russia. At the same time, North Korean officials expressed their support for Russia in its actions.

Last but nor least, the US has no right to decide for the international community.

State Department spokesman Vedant Patel acknowledged that arms talks between Russia and North Korea were moving forward, CNN said. According to Patel, Kim Jong-un expects the upcoming talks to be a success.

Washington has no leverage over Putin and Kim

Experts interviewed by The Financial Times said that Russia could offer North Korea grain, oil, military technology, including nuclear submarines and military reconnaissance satellites, as well as hard currency as payment for arms supplies.

The United States is no longer concerned about Ukraine. It is the transfer of technology, including intercontinental ballistic missiles that worries Washington most. DPRK's nuclear capable missiles can already reach Hawaii and will be able to reach any location anywhere in the continental United States already soon.

The Kremlin has chosen an excellent way to take revenge on the United States for the war against the Russian Federation, the mass elimination and devastation of Russian and Ukrainian peoples.

Washington can do little to correct the emerging trend, since it has no leverage on any of the countries of the Russia-DPRK axis. All ties have been severed.

New opportunities open up for Moscow

Russia should pull out from UN sanctions against the DPRK. The reason can be stated as follows:

Pyongyang has been in the nuclear club for a long time, one needs to cooperate with the DPRK to attract the country to nuclear nonproliferation obligations, take into account Pyongyang's security concerns, build humanitarian and civilizational ties.

It is enough to make everyone believe that the DPRK as a pariah state just because the US wants that.

New trade opportunities will open up for Russia and the DPRK afterwards. The DPRK has not only stockpiles of Soviet-era shells — the country also the capacity for their production.

North Korea has made significant strides in technology and innovation during the recent years. There are missiles of all types, tanks, armoured personnel carriers and other types of military equipment get constantly upgraded to meet the requirements of modern combat actions.

South Korea will distance itself from the US

South Korean publication Sisan wrote about new military plants in the DPRK. There is a military equipment plant in Pyongyang, as well as a plant for the production of strategic cruise missiles and engines for unmanned attack aircraft.

"North Korea used its troops during the Vietnam War and the 4th Middle East War. It also exported weapons to African countries, Iran, Syria and Myanmar. If North Korea cooperates closely with Russia, there is a high probability that the consequences will be huge," the newspaper said.

The military cooperation between Russia and the DPRK will create a confrontation bloc on the Korean Peninsula, the publication also said adding that the South Korean authorities should work not to let this happen.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov