Russian and Chinese warships near Alaska sow panic in Washington

Russian and Chinese warships near Alaska. USA at a loss


The joint patrol mission of Russian and Chinese warships near the coast of Alaska caused quite a commotion in the United States. US officials fear the prospect of war with Russia and China.

Four American aircraft carriers and a P-8 Poseidon aircraft were ordered to monitor joint Russian and Chinese naval exercises near the Aleutian Islands.

China designated the drills as "third joint maritime patrol in western and northern Pacific waters," the July 26 press release from China Military Online said.

Eleven 11 Russian and Chinese ships that approached the coast of Alaska in a "highly provocative" move amid escalating tensions with the United States, a US Defense Department spokesman said. It is believed that this is the largest flotilla that has ever approached American shores.

According to Admiral John Aquilino, the head of the U. S. Indo-Pacific Command, believes that joint patrol missions is a new phenomenon.

"I only see the cooperation getting stronger, and, boy, that's concerning. That's a dangerous world," he said at the Aspen Security Forum.

In response, the US Navy deployed USS John S. McCain, USS Benfold, USS John Finn and USS Chung-Hoon aircraft carriers that simulated the destruction of a mock enemy submarine.

Why did the US react so harshly, taking into consideration the fact that the Russian and Chinese warships simply mirrored Washington's actions? The United States has been conducting exercises in the South China Sea, in the Barents Sea — off the coast of China and the Russian Federation — for decades. The Russian-Chinese mission was carried out in neutral waters, as certain sources indicated. The United States has absolutely nothing to complain about, but US military officials still overreact.

Washington understands that this is a real threat to their security, a very tangible one. Russia and China no longer fear the Americans, and Russia's special military operation in Ukraine comes as a living proof to that.

Indeed, a country with 1.5% of world GDP is winning the proxy war with NATO that has shown its complete inability to arm and supply Ukraine while being absolutely unwilling to come into direct conflict with Russia. NATO should have listened to Moscow's demands to avoid the current conflict. However, the US is too busy getting "donations" from arms manufacturers for its "re-election campaigns." In other words, Washington is rebooting its suffocating economy.

Allies disappear and vassals become free

Washington used the entire administrative resource to impose sanctions against Russia. Thirty capitals of the world agreed and 165 refused, some of them expanded their business with Russia and obtained inexpensive resources. Even Africa woke up. Niger will undoubtedly win its conflict with the United States, or rather, the United States will not enter into it.

The US Armed Forces will not be able to win another war, The Washington Times said. They are too much affected with LGBT and racial agendas. If a US serviceman does not support the "proper use of pronouns" agenda, he may forget about career promotion.

USA's competitors have been getting better and better in improving their weapons. According to the Heritage Foundation, US Air Force ammo reserves will only be enough to fight an equal enemy for just a few weeks.

Democrats and Republicans fear that Russia and China buy politicians, land and minds in the United States. There is no such sphere in the States where Moscow or Beijing would not be blamed for failures. No one knows for sure whether this is paranoia or reality.

America is seriously concerned about the growing military union of Russia and China as Moscow and Beijing are strongly determined to fight for an alternative world. Moreover, there are many people in the States who support such an outlook.

Russia and China ready for war with US

In 2022, Moscow and Beijing held a record number of joint military exercises in 20 years, Bloomberg said citing data from the US National Defense University. In 2022, there were six joint exercises, and five of them took place after the start of the special military operation in Ukraine. This decision deems absolutely correct if Russian and Chinese peoples want to survive as civilisations.

When asked about Russia's readiness for a military confrontation with NATO, Vladimir Putin said:

"We are always ready for any scenario. But no one wants it. But if someone wants to — not us — we are ready."

Chinese leader Xi Jinping shares a similar point of view.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov