Kim will give Putin special forces or "weapons of shock vengeance"

North Korea to give Russia weapons of shock vengeance


Western military experts try to understand the purpose of Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu's visit to Pyongyang.

Sergei Shoigu arrived in North Korea to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Victory of the Korean people in the Korean War of 1950-1953. It is worthy of note that the DPRK was one of the first countries to have recognised the independence of the DPR and LPR and supported Moscow in the decision to conduct the special military operation.

It was also reported that the DPRK was ready to provide Russia from 50 to 100 thousand soldiers of "world's most fierce special force" and up to 500,000 military volunteers for the special military operation.

This information has not found an official confirmation. Sources referred to journalist Alexander Sladkov, who wrote about this in late March, although he only mentioned it as a possibility.

The head of the Korean branch of the Naumann Foundation considers it unlikely for Pyongyang to send soldiers to Ukraine. However, he does not exclude arms supplies, including drones, artillery systems, MLRS, and other weapons that Shoigu could see as part of his visit to the country.

The DPRK is indispensable as a supplier of artillery ammo, given that the countries have had similar shells since the days of the USSR.

"Artillery brigades of the KPA are armed with, perhaps, the entire range of Soviet and Chinese calibers over 120 millimetres," military correspondent Alexander Kots said.

They include:

  • 122-mm self-propelled guns based on Soviet D-30 and M-30 howitzers,
  • 130 mm guns (Soviet M-46),
  • 152-mm howitzers (Soviet D-20 and Chinese Type-66).

Rocket artillery is represented by 107-, 120- and 240-mm multi-barreled rocket mortars.

The North Koreans developed most formidable guns on their own, Kots also said adding that the North Koreans would certainly not mind testing their 170-mm Koksan self-propelled guns in real battle.

"Hundreds of thousands of rounds of 100-152 mm caliber that we could buy from the DPRK would be of great help. Maybe Russia will receive a number of artillery systems, especially MLRS — light 107-mm systems and super-heavy ones over 300 mm, which Russia does not produce. The domestic nomenclature is closed from above by the 300-mm Tornado," Starshe than Edda channel said.

"The Korean version of tactical missile complexes, such the R-17 Elbrus, both the original Hwaseong-5 and the improved Hwaseong-6 with a range of about 600 km would also be of interest. It is dozens of launchers and hundreds of missiles,” experts added.

In return, Russia can supply to the DPRK:

  • modern fighter aircraft,
  • anti-ship missiles,
  • diesel submarines,
  • air defence systems
  • tanks.

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Author`s name Alexander Shtorm
Editor Dmitry Sudakov