Ku-Klux-Klan to Rise?

Protests are not  enough to  settle the problem

Today, a US federal judge made a scandalous statement:  the infamous Ku-Klux-Klan is allowed to organize demonstrations and  marches in New York. This means that we realize that racists live happily in the USA and they even manage to win court battles.

According to the Russia’s television channel NTV, the US court made the decision on the basis of the amendment to the US Constitution that guarantees people freedom of speech. New York city authorities have already said they disagree with the court decision, and they are going to appeal against the decision allowing racists to organize demonstrations.

Apparently, although the American authorities have actively criticized racism of any kind for the past 30 years, their efforts have brought no results. On the contrary, there is quite an opposite tendency. Racism (not only by European Americans, by the way) has received a new impulse after the 9/11 tragedy. It was only the American authorities that they prevented mass massacres against Arabs and Moslems on the whole. We can clearly say that the American society is not free from prejudices. The Ku-Klux-Klan is considered to be a rather large organization. In February 2001, several mass media outlets claimed that 4,000 members of the organization (and that was only from the state of Indiana) were going to leave for the South African Republic to protect white farmers. However, nothing more was published about the initiative.

It is clear that the Ku-Klux-Klan and similar organizations will find more and more new members. It’s obvious that  many US citizens are sick and tired with the so-called quotas demanding that employees or educational institutions must maintain some definite share of various minorities in the structure. Many people talk of white university entrants being rejected only for the reason another black entrants claim the same place, even though they acheive poor results of examinations and tests.

It is quite natural that European Americans are rather indignant with such unfair treatment. Many people who have never before sympathized with racists may join them after such situations.

Racial organizations themselves rather successfully adopt the tactics of their ideological opponents. Societies for protection of the rights of women, children, old people, ethnic minorities and so on, have gained incredible popularity in the USA over the past decades. White racial organizations do the same by defending the rights of the most discriminated against group in American society: European males.

In fact, if we speak seriously, the example of the USA is demonstrative in many respects. Even the efforts of the world’s strongest propaganda outlets supported by the state cannot suppress racism. The main problem is that there are no methods to balance the interests of different social and race groups. Support of ethnic  minorities may seem to have good intentions; however, this treatment often gives rise to  social parasitic attitudes, which, of course, cause the resentment (though not publicized) among the majority, at whose expense the minority lives.

It is difficult to predict the outcome of the Ku-Klux-Klan case in New York. However, it is clear that laws are not the answer to such problems.

Vasily Bubnov

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Author`s name Michael Simpson