Ukraine wants to make May month of blood and tears in Russia

Ukraine pledges to stage month of blood and tears in Russia in May

It is believed that Ukraine will try to ruin the upcoming May holidays in Russia. The Reporter says that the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Security Bureau of Ukraine will prepare a month of blood, tears and trouble for the Russians.

Russia already prepares to celebrate the most sacred holiday for the whole nation — the Victory Day. Kyiv threatens to make it a day of the great trouble to Russia, The Reporter said.

In 2023, the beginning of May coincides with the promised start of the Ukrainian counteroffensive. It is believed that Ukraine's "most ferocious brigades armed with Western weapons" will go on offensive that Kyiv has been trumpeting about for six months already.

Military experts note that the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine (under the control and management of MI6, the CIA, NATO, the Pentagon and the NSA) will try to conduct attacks "from all sides" expecting that some part of their bloody plans will come true:

  • A powerful counteroffensive — massive strikes and pinpoint attacks, attempts of amphibious attacks, tank and artillery attacks and so on;
  • Rocket attacks with the use of old and new Western weapons;
  • UAV and maritime drone strikes.
  • Terrorist attacks on transport facilities, energy, military, and other critical infrastructure.
  • Spreading panic rumours and fake news on social media;
  • Provocations and media emergencies.

Six regions of Russia have refused to hold parades and processions on Victory Day because of these apprehensions.

According to military correspondents and investigators, Ukrainian social networks and instant messengers are full of threats, such as:

  • wipe out from the face of the Earth;
  • no shashlik for Muscovites, but shashlik made of their meat instead;
  • make shashlik with blood of their families and children;
  • calls to make Victory Day a day of trouble,
  • Bloody May
  • month of tears.

Ukrainian officials are catching up with similar threats in relation to the Crimea, Russia's old and new territories, large cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg and other smaller towns.

The West gives green light to attacks

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely exclude Ukraine's attacks on Russia. The Armed Forces of Ukraine need a high-profile action to demonstrate their "victoriousness" to the West and Ukrainian citizens. The West has already given permission to such operations. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius and a number of other officials and leaders of the United States, NATO, and the EU publicly declared that Ukraine could attack Russian territories. As for the population of Ukraine itself, most Ukrainians can only support the idea of strikes on Russian cities.

Moscow could be one of the targets. Kyiv needs an attack on the Russian capital for the sake of a media bombshell, reports to Western patron and in order to raise the morale of the nation as the Russian military machine is grinding Ukrainian military men in Bakhmut.

One must clearly understand that Moscow is one of the most protected cities in the world when it comes to air defences. Needless to say that Red Square, the Victory Parade, Putin, veterans and troops will be completely protected against any type of attacks.

Both the city and especially the Kremlin are protected by layered air defense systems (from long-range S-500/S-400, Thors, Buks, Pantsirs, etc.). If something happens, Moscow will wipe out Kyiv in a retaliatory strike in one go. It has recently transpired that Washington had already dissuaded Kyiv from similar actions on the anniversary of the start of the special operation on February 24 fearing Russia's nuclear retaliation.

However, absolute protection can hardly ever work — suffice it to look at Israel's experience. It goes about power plants, railway stations, bridges and overpasses, oil storage facilities, ammunition depots, etc. It is these objects where one may expect Ukraine to attack in the first place.

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Author`s name Anton Kulikov
Editor Dmitry Sudakov