Today’s Word: Stop…You are going the wrong way. Stop! You are going to kill someone!

Comedy is supposed to be funny. In most instances it usually is; it even is in its darkest form also known as morbid humor. 

There are plenty of examples to choose from. Comedy comes in all forms. From everyday life to the printed word, even with film we all can – at least we should – find something to laugh at. After all, a little levity helps; hurts no one. Gran-gran always used to say that. 

Her sage words helped me; always carried that saying everywhere that I traveled. Glad that I did too. On more than one occasion my sense of humor – even though mine is wry – helped me escape some trying times unscathed. For the most part, my reputation and bodily functions remained intact. 

It is all anecdotal stuff now. This is not what I had in mind when addressing the subject line though. To continue down that path would serve no other purpose other than to introduce much personal bias. That is not the intent. 

However, to give some proper and better perspective, I visit the well traveled road of classic movies. Moreover, regarding comic relief, the world of cinema is always a safe harbor; turn – once again – to the filmography reels. 

Who can forget the 80’s iconic films? Especially a comic gem entitled ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’. I gleaned the titular line from one memorable quote. One scene is even more memorable. Neal Page, a New York ad manager – played by Steve Martin – and a shower curtain salesman, Del Griffith – John Candy—are two disparate characters thrown together by fate; both want desperately to get home for Thanksgiving Day. 

Going in the wrong direction

At the film’s midpoint, we find both men travelling by car down the Interstate; they just happen to be going the wrong direction. Soon their little Dodge compact car is about to engage in lane splitting with two tractor trailer rigs headed straight at them. There is no room to spare. The titular line and warning happened mere moments before impact. A concerned couple driving on the opposite side of the freeway shouts feverishly; they try to rouse the unsuspecting duo of their impending doom; but to no avail. Del, who is driving, brushes off the advances as the delirium of a drunk. He could not be more wrong… 

The unipolar half

When you stop… Think about this. Is that not the juncture that the whole world is at? On further thought… No. Not the whole world. Only the unipolar half has brought the other sane half to the brink of total calamity. Their world is morally bankrupt. Make no mistake. The exceptional peoples U.S. Cabal and its puppets on a string: NATO, EU, AUKUS, as well as their worldwide entire legacy media propaganda arm will not STOP. They intend to destroy Russia. Any which way. 

Consider the Russian federation’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine, now dragging on for over a year. No doubt the Kremlin is growing increasingly tired – in the process losing whatever semblance of patience it has left – with the West’s intransigence by proxy war. How many red lines have the real aggressors already crossed? Many of us have lost count. 

Supplying Ukraine with Depleted Uranium

Now with the crazed U.K. Anglo poodles supplying the Ukes with depleted Uranium shells, it is safe to assume that achieving critical mass has long since passed. No turning back now. Time is short. 

To wit, it is no small wonder that ex Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev has raised the stakes; issued the clarion warning: Stop the idiocy! Russia will use all military means – including nuclear weapons – to defend its territory, safeguard its people. Why not? Russia has no safe space left to retreat to. 

Cannot blame Dmitry either if he invokes the old tried and tested meme: T.I.A. Or, this is Armageddon. 

Will that be enough to stop the Western lunatic aggressors? Doubt it. God help us


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Author`s name Montresor Montresor