The sleeping dragon wakes up and flies to the Russian bear to build most powerful union

Xi Jinping takes beautiful revenge on Biden for Pelosi's Taiwan visit

Xi Jinping has allied with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. This comes as China's response to Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan in August of 2022. Revenge is a dish that needs to be served cold.

Don't tease the sleeping dragon

China does not need any sort of confrontation with the United States given the extensive economic ties between the two countries. However, Beijing is not ready to sit and watch Washington breaking the One China principle — it will have to respond even to the detriment of its economic interests.

On July 28, Chinese President Xi Jinping asked US President Joe Biden in a telephone conversation to find ways to prevent then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from visiting Taiwan. Xi then assumed that the United States was officially adhering to One China model.

Biden did not hear him. He told Xi that he couldn't do anything because US Congress is an independent branch of government. At the same time, though, Pelosi, like Biden, is a member of the Democratic Party. The party could have put pressure to stop Pelosi given the danger of escalation around the island.

Back in August, many speculated about Xi's response to Pelosi's visit. After Pelosi enjoyed herself in Taiwan, many assumed that Xi Jinping showed weak response to USA's arrogant behavior. It has now become clear what kind of response Beijing has opted for. China has decided to side with Russia in its proxy war with the West. Just a step away from a direct confrotnation in Ukraine or nearby.

Xi took revenge on Biden beautifully

Xi took revenge beautifully. He refused to speak with Biden on the phone. He will probably refuse to speak with Volodymyr Zelensky too, although the White House would want him to. He may eventually call Zelensky, but only under appropriate and suitable conditions. It is not difficult to guess what conditions they can be exactly — one can find them in Beijing's peace plan for Ukraine.

The main condition is a ceasefire and the lifting of unilateral sanctions. This can be possible only if the Kyiv regime capitulates. It is likely that the Kremlin has been discussing the Chinese leader joining peacekeeping functions lately. Such a development will dramatically increase Beijing's influence in the world, especially in the global South.

The relations between China and the USA started aggravating sharply after the Chinese balloon incident. A harsh note from the Chinese Foreign Ministry forced Anthony Blinken to cancel his trip to Beijing. Biden has not taken the message — he will continue to escalate.

In another extreme move, the US plans to file lawsuits against China for the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. On Monday, March 20, Joe Biden signed an executive order to declassify available information about the origin of the virus. The Wuhan laboratory will surely make countless headlines all over the world very soon, and the world will face a massive global information campaign to blacken and demonise China.

The outcome of the campaign has undoubtedly been decided in advance, and Xi probably knew that too. Therefore, his rhetoric in negotiations with Vladimir Putin is more than just definite. Russia and China will work together to establish Eurasian courts outside Western jurisdiction.

The United States will lose to the alliance of Russia and China

One is left to wonder whether Washington can withstand the fight on two fronts. This looks doubtful because of the following reasons:

  • The United States is facing a critical domestic situation: a banking crisis, a crisis in the two-party system, inflation — and that on the eve of the presidential election.
  • Washington has not seen much support in Europe lately. The EU is ready to wait for the "successful counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine", but if there is no success, there will be no more as-long-as-it-takes assistance.
  • China has been consolidating all continents — Africa, Latin America. In the Middle East, an Iran-Saudi Arabia peace treaty was concluded creating a great potential for the petroyuan, which will bring down the dollar as a priority world currency.
  • The BRICS has been consolidating in opposition to the United States and US-led blocs. The number of states wiling to join the BRICS has been growing too. According to Refinitiv, the BRICS countries (31.5 percent) overtook the G7 (30.7 percent) in terms of global GDP share. They already hold joint military exercises (the most recent ones were held off the coast of South Africa). Taking Iran and the DPRK out from the artificially created axis of evil is going to be the next step. Their military potential will join that of the BRICS members. That will account for six billion people and half of the world economy.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov