USA suggest creating NATO 2 to ensure long-term peace with Moscow

USA suggests setting up NATO 2 as agile body to deploy troops to Ukraine

US officials realise that Ukraine will not be able to play the role of a battering ram against Russia for a long time, not even with all the support of the West. Kiev does not have the resources to win the conflict with Moscow, and this makes the Americans look for "workarounds." In other words, the USA would like to have Ukraine as a piece of bread buttered on both sides.

Foreign Affairs publication put forward an interesting solution that takes into account both of the above-mentioned conditions. It goes about the establishment of a new security community — the Atlantic-Asian Security Community. The new association will include NATO countries, Ukraine, its allies and any neutral states that would wish to join. In a nutshell, it goes about NATO 2.

"This mission could be led by a non-NATO officer, perhaps from India or another country seen as neutral, but it must include U. S. troops. Nothing short of American boots on the ground can ensure Ukraine's democratic future," the author of the article wrote.

Why do they need it?

This new formation will be able to officially, without disguise, deploy its military forces to Ukraine, the publication said. NATO will exist separately, as if it has nothing to do with it. And bingo! Moscow will have no reason to strike retaliation blows against member countries. Moreover, according to Foreign Affairs, it will also be possible to continue cooperating with Russia in the future. It appears that they have come to realise it now across the Atlantic that living without Russia would be even worse than living with her.

"If after the war ends Russia is permanently banished from the international community, it will emerge, furious and humiliated, as a renewed threat. Putin, his war machine, and his imperial mindset must be defeated, and Ukraine must be hardened against any possible future aggression. At the same time, however, the West must also try to secure a long-term peace with Moscow," the article reads.

According to the masterminds of the plan, the long-term peace with Moscow will guarantee that once Putin's regime falls and is replaced by a government committed to peace, Russia should be eligible to join NATO 2. Maybe.

How the new association should work

"The world now needs an agile body that keeps Putin out-but that can eventually draw reform-minded Russians in, alongside the Americans, to keep Ukraine and its neighbors safe," the US publication wrote adding that the AASC should be clearly distinguished from NATO:

  • the AASC should not be called a treaty organization;
  • it should not obligate members to come to one another's defense in case of attack.

The icing on the cake is as follows. The AASC "might help enforce a future peace deal between Armenia and Azerbaijan, assist with migrant crises, or address terrorist threats."

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Author`s name Olga Lebedeva
Editor Dmitry Sudakov