Buy Bush a PlayStation 2

Make Bush play games and stop the war

The opposition to George Bush’s plans in Iraq is becoming more and more surprising. At times, it gets whimsical too. There has been an interesting event going on on the Internet recently. The event was called "Buy Bush a PlayStation 2."

The organizers of this action called upon Internet surfers to transfer some money in order to purchase a playstation for the American president. The sum that was needed for that was not really big – only $400. It was collected very quickly indeed. The money was coming from all over the world. However, the citizens of Australia, Belgium, the USA, France and Germany were the most active participants.

Organizer of the event, 24-year-old Mikel Reparaz, stated that video games might chill the American president out. “As I sat pondering the president's motives one day, it suddenly dawned on me that it is entirely likely our commander in chief has never played a single videogame in his life. Without the catharsis that videogames provide, Bush has no way of fulfilling his militaristic fantasies other than actually fighting wars,” said Reparaz.

The Playstation is accompanied by two games: US Navy Seals and Desert Storm. Reparaz suggested that US Vice President Dick Cheney should become George Bush’s partner in the game.
Nevertheless, we are not likely to know anything about George Bush’s real reaction to that present. On the other hand, everyone would remain happy. The president would enjoy the game, Iraq would avoid the war, Mikel Reparaz would become a celebrity, Playstation producer Sony would have very good advertising with very little spending. Who knows, maybe this idea was a commercial trick from the very beginning? Well, if it was, then it is not trivial after all.

By the way, it has been recently reported that Iraq used Playstation  spare parts for the production of computers. Then they allegedly sent those computers to some secret labs that worked on mass destruction weapons. That  information has never been confirmed, though. However, Sony has suspended selling playstations to Iraq, just in case.

This is trouble that is going on with Playstation video games. It seems that the developers of the game could never imagine that such a thing would ever happen to their invention. At the same time, it is not ruled out that there would soon be some new ways found to convince George Bush to refrain from the war in Iraq.

Vasily Bubnov

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka