Ukraine helicopter crash: Zelensky works to get rid of his rivals

Ukraine helicopter crash: Elites struggle for power as Zelensky's days are numbered

The struggle for power in Ukraine has been escalating lately. The helicopter that crashed on a kindergarten in Brovary on January 18 comes as a living proof of this. The Ukrainian Parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, may impeach President Zelensky, whereas the task of the Russian Armed Forces is to win the Key to Kyiv.

Ukraine's Minister for Interior killed in Brovary helicopter crash

A Super Puma helicopter with the Ministry for Interior on board crashed on the morning of January 18 near a kindergarten in the town of Brovary, a suburb of Kyiv.

The leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs — Minister Denis Monastyrsky and his deputy Yevgeny Yenin — were killed in the crash. Burning kerosene flooded the area in front of an apartment building and the kindergarten. According to most recent reports, 24 people, including one child, were killed in the crash.

It is believed that the helicopter crashed due to a piloting error. The helicopter was flying in foggy weather and allegedly hit the roof of the kindergarten. However, the kindergarden is a two-story building, and pilots fly that route every time (the Kyiv defense is being prepared in Brovary), which makes the version untenable.

"The causes of the tragedy are yet to be established. We will soon find out whether it was an act of sabotage, a malfunction of equipment, or a violation of flight safety rules,” Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the deceased Minister said in his Telegram channel.

One does not have to count on the objectivity of the Ukrainian investigation, as the Kyiv authorities are best known for their lies. Most likely, we will soon hear Kyiv officials saying that it was Russia that made the tragedy happen.

Denis Monastyrsky was assassinated

It appears, however, that Denis Monastyrsky, who did not have the habit of traveling by helicopter, was assassinated. Who wanted him dead? There are two options.

The first one is Zelensky himself. This version can be confirmed by the visit of the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny to Poland for a meeting with US General Mark Milley without the consent of Zelensky's Office. According to Legitimny Telegram channel, Zelensky has no confidence in the Americans as everyone knows that they can easily change players when needed.

Denis Monastyrsky may have taken the side of Zaluzhny, and this cost him life.

The version of Avakov's involvement untenable

Image of the Future Telegram channel believes that Ukraine's former Minister for Interior, Arsen Avakov, could be interested in killing Monastyrsky. Avakov started his own game before the split in Ukraine's military and political leadership. Allegedly, Arsen Avakov is one of Zelensky's guys:

"He received his position at the request of Andriy Yermak and a group of influential smugglers. He aims to replace Monastyrsky," the authors of the Telegram channel assume. Supposedly, it was Avakov, who gave an order to shoot down the helicopter from a MANPAD.

Yet, Avakov has been out of work for a long time. There is a false lead here, but Ukrainian investigation cling to this version.

Redistribution of power in Ukraine

The following events indicate that something has changed in the political attitude of Ukrainian elites:

  • Aleksey Arestovych resigned from the position of an adviser to the President's Office in order to start his own political project.
  • The West gives many verbal promises to supply heavy arms to Kyiv, but takes little action. Germany does not give permission for the export of Leopard tanks. Ursula von der Leyen emotionally urged EU leaders to give Kyiv any weapon that can be used there. There is clearly no consensus among EU member states on this issue. Meanwhile, Washington calls on to seek dialogue with Moscow.
  • The situation on the fronts of the special operation has changed dramatically in favour of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The Russian forces continue their offensive after taking Soledar. Mobilisation in Ukraine does not bring any results at all. It appears that the Kyiv regime can see that it's getting really tough.
  • The Ukrainian economy is falling into abyss. The EU has transferred 3 billion euros for budgetary needs. This is enough for only a month to pay salaries and pensions.
  • The Russian Aerospace Forces have destroyed Ukraine's energy system. Military supplies have been disrupted.

Events in Ukraine develop rapidly. In a few weeks, we may probably see Ukrainian MPs impeaching President Zelensky. His political career is drawing to an end. The goal of the Russian Armed Forces is to take advantage of the moment and get the Key to Kyiv.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov