Ukraine turns into NATO's private military company

Russia has a clear plan to resolve the conflict in Ukraine

The conflict in Ukraine may end either by diplomatic or military means. However, it can be possible only after Moscow achieves its goals.

"An opportunity to resolve the conflict will appear only when Ukraine ceases to pose a threat to Russia and discriminate against Russian-speaking Ukrainians,” Vasily Nebenzya, Russia's Ambassador to the UN Security Council, said at a briefing at the UN Security Council.

"If this result can be achieved through negotiations, we are ready for such a scenario. If not, then our objectives will be achieved by military means," he added.

Russia is not fighting against the Ukrainian people. Russia is fighting against the criminal nationalist regime that came to power in 2014” after the coup in Kyiv, the diplomat said.

"The new Ukrainian leadership is trying to purge the country of everything connected with Russia and glorify Nazi accomplices. <…>

"The Kyiv regime and its most rabid patrons have forgotten the meaning of the word "peace." It is no coincidence that the European Union finances arms supplies to Kyiv through the European Peace Fund, without even thinking about how blasphemous it sounds and looks. <…>

"Ukraine, in fact, has become a NATO PMC. It gets money, weapons and intelligence data. Ukraine receives instructions which targets to attack and where. It is the Ukrainian people who suffer from this in the first place and the people of Ukraine are forced to fight for the sake of someone else's tasks."

However, the Russian Ambassador to the UN said, everything could have ended differently for Ukraine, if Kyiv had implemented the now-defunct Minsk Agreements that were signed in 2014 and 2015 "in an attempt to pave the way for peace by granting the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics a special status as part of the Ukrainian state".

Former Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and ex-president of France Francois Hollande later confirmed that neither sitting President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, nor his predecessors, nor France and Germany, who were involved in the Minks Agreements process, never intended to fulfil them. This diplomatic process served only as a "smoke screen" behind which they secretly armed Ukraine against Russia.

Merkel's and Hollande's confessions caused an uproar in Moscow. Russian officials called them a formalisation of betrayal. Interestingly, though, no one in the West was embarrassed about those statements. It appears that the West continues implementing its strategy.

Kyiv and the EU sell out the agreement, but the culprit is Russia

In December, Ukraine put forward the idea of ​​the Global Peace Summit based on Zelensky's "peace formula." In that formula, among other things, Zelensky demanded Russia should withdraw its troops from all Ukrainian territories.

Moscow dismissed the plan as it ignored the new status of Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, Kherson, Zaporozhye (Zaporizhzhia) regions and Crimea as part of Russia.

Now Kyiv has a new "idea":

The Ukrainian administration wants to hold a "peace summit" at UN headquarters in New York on February 24 (one year anniversary since the start of the special operation), but without Moscow's participation.

According to The Associated Press, Ukrainian President Zelenskiy was planning to visit New York in February to address a high-level meeting of the 193-member General Assembly on the eve of the first anniversary of Russia's February 24 invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine would like the UN General Assembly to adopt two resolutions:

  • the first one of them will support the Ukrainian ten-paragraph peace formula, including the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the withdrawal of the Russian troops;
  • the second one will establish a tribunal to prosecute crimes of aggression.

"Peace talks could start after the UN General Assembly passes the resolutions or after the proposed summit is held," Ukraine's Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzhaparova said.

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Author`s name Olga Lebedeva
Editor Dmitry Sudakov