USA takes Brazil to the forefront of global conflict

Coup attempt in Brazil: Causes and consequences for Russia

The attempted coup d'état in Brazil is connected with the Trumpists — Democrats conflict in the United States. It is important for Russia not to stop them from ruining their country

Brazil coup attempt

The January 8 unrest in Brazil was unprecedented. Supporters of ex-president Jair Bolsonaro, who lost the election, stormed the parliament, the presidential residence, the Supreme Court and plundered their property.

President-elect José Inacio Lula da Silva was evacuated from the capital of Brasilia to Sao Paulo. The federal security forces had to be involved to cause the protesters to disperse. About 400 people were arrested. The governor of the federal district of Brasilia, Ibanez Rocha, was suspended from office for 90 days. The Brazilian authorities are trying to find out who funded the coup.

Trumpists vs Democrats. Conflict times come to Brazil

In order to understand the situation in Brazil, one needs to take into account the following factors:

1. The West did not support the "rebels". German Chancellor Olaf Scholz condemned the storming of government buildings.

"Violent attacks on democratic institutions come as attacks on democracy that can not be tolerated," the German Chancellor wrote on Twitter, adding that Germany supported the sitting President of Brazil, Lula da Silva.

Other Western leaders released similar comments.

2. Bolsonaro, according to the NYT, is now in the United States, namely, in Florida, a stronghold of the Republicans. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is positioned as an anti-Trumpist, but only in the media of the Democratic Party with a view (if destined) to bring a "moderate Republican" to presidency. In fact, DeSantis is a copy of Trump. He owes his career to him. Florida's governor refuses to run for president, but Trump has already done so. DeSantis is referred to as the "smart Trump."

As for Bolsonaro, he was prepared for the crisis. This is why he quickly disappeared in Orlando under the umbrella of his fellow believers. Bolsonaro is an anti-globalist, anti-vaxxer, an adherent of conservative values, and he can't stand the LGBT agenda. Several rallies were held in Orlando in his support. A message was sent to the Democrats from there — do not interfere.

3. One must ask ourselves: why do the Trumpists need Brazil? The same question can be asked in relation to, for example, Kazakhstan: why does Russia need Kazakhstan? To implement its agenda in neighbouring countries, to have influence and assets there, and to form a circle of supporters. Brazil is the most influential countries in Latin America.

Trumpism is an international phenomenon and has tentacles everywhere in the world. Its influence is strong in many European countries, for example, in France.

The army did not support Bolsonaro

It remains to answer the question why Bolsonaro did not succeed?

He did not have the support of the army, although Bolsonaro reshuffled the command immediately after the election and had his influence in army circles as a former military man. It appears that he could only agree with the security service of the Federal District of Brasilia, since Lula announced the appointment of a new head of this service, who would report to him directly.

Maintaining turbulence in the United States is important for Russia

The main international conflict today is the conflict between the liberal and conservative models of world development (the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is a "hot" manifestation of this conflict). It is based on the rejection of each other's ideologies. The line of division in the USA is a new racial theory, the denial of Catholic foundations, the demolition of monuments to the founders of the state as "they were bloody slave owners."

It is important for Russia to maintain turbulence in the United States: let them fight and get involved in their own domestic affairs profoundly. As for Bolsonaro and Lula — both of them are negotiable partners for Russia.

The Russian Foreign Ministry refrained from commenting on the riots that Brazil saw on January 8. No one knows what will happen in four years in the new presidential election, since the Brazilian society, like everywhere else in the Western world, is divided equally between liberals and conservatives.

The globalists put their money on Lula, but he is known for his sovereign foreign policy line during his tenure as president of Brazil in the past. He was supportive of Iran Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and Russia. Today, he lays the blame on Volodymyr Zelensky and NATO for Russia's military actions against Ukraine.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov